Sunday, February 14, 2016

First Big Boo Boo

Last night KK wanted his nails done, this was his pattern idea.  He wanted to take a picture and send it to his Grandma in Virginia.  This morning when he woke up, he couldn't stop looking at his nails and he was happy.  

On this Valentine's Day I am grateful that I wasn't working.  We didn't have anything planned except to go to church and be with family.  Church was uplifting, I love my calling as a primary teacher.  Mr. H. and I are team teachers, which is perfect for when I am at work, he can teach the kids.  We teach KK's class, kids who are 9 and are going to turn 10 this year.  10 years old, I cannot believe that KK will be 10.  He has grown up so fast.  I have loved most every minute of it.  While I am thinking about it, ET will be 3 this summer.  He also has grown up so fast and I have loved most every minute of it.  Except for the Boo Boo's.  Tonight before dinner ET was crawling off our bed and his feet slipped from under a box he was standing on and he smacked his mouth on the foot board of the bed. I didn't see it, but Mr. H. was there.  He either bit through his lip, or when he hit the foot board with his mouth he bit his lip too.  Not quite sure, but he was bleeding pretty good.  He probably needed a couple stitches under his lip, but the trauma from the numbing shot and doctor and nurse in his face, I didn't think it was worth it.  More than likely he will have a scar.  The bleeding eventually slowed and he was eating and drinking normally so we didn't bother with an urgent care visit.  I've made the same decision with KK, click here.  I guess being a nurse, my kids will need to have bones sticking out and missing limbs in order for me to justify taking them to the hospital.  But, in all seriousness, ET seemed to have recovered nicely, but now has a swollen lip.  Tonight, sucking his binkie was hurting him, but his binkie still gives him that comfort so he's been just keeping it in his mouth.


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