Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hivey Birthday!

On Monday night my kids spent the night at my parents house because there was a 2 hour delay for school the next day.  When the kids woke up my mom noticed hives all over ET's torso.  She sent me this picture. I didn't think much of it, give him benadryl and I figured they would go away.  

The next picture she sent was this one, she took KK and ET to the splash pad and he looked like he was having a great time.  Mom even said that the hives were clearing a bit.

After working 13 hours, I called Mr. H. to let him know that I was on my way home.  He was KK's soccer practice and he said that ET's hives were still there and now he refuses to walk or sit.  Mr. H. said the only position comfortable for him was to lay down.  I asked for a picture.

By the time I got home, his hives spread to his face, neck, arms, and legs.  His legs and feet were swollen, as well as his hands.  He couldn't walk/stand or even hold things with his hands.

After baths, brushing teeth, and nightly prayers we tucked to boys into bed.  My plans were to call ET's doctors office in the morning.  Mr. H and I have been binge watching Big Bang Theory and after a couple episodes, I went to check on the kids and kiss them goodnight one more time and I noticed that ET's lips were swelling and there were more hives.  My first thought is his air-way.  I was afraid that if we waited until the morning that his airway would be compromised and we wouldn't know because we all were sleeping.  I was already tired from working my shift, but we made the decision to take him to Children's ER.

It was midnight when I left for the hospital.  KK was still asleep so Mr. H, stayed at home.  By the time I got there, his eyes and ears were swelling.  They got us in pretty quickly.  He was satting at 100% and no wheezing or stridor, which was good.  The whole time we were there he kept saying, "I go home and take a nap".  He didn't want to be there anymore.  I cuddled and sang to him, hoping he would fall asleep.  He got VERY tired, but didn't sleep.  The doctor was awesome, he made ET feel comfortable while he poked and looked at ET.  One of the nurses also gave him 3 new hot wheels cars for his birthday!  I digress, Doctor said, "a lot of times we have no idea what causes an allergic reaction."  Which, if you think about it, it's kind of scary.  Since benadryl didn't seem to be working, the doctor prescribed atarax and steriods.  He received his first dose before we left the hospital.  We got home at about 3:30 in the morning.  I was exhausted.  And after getting ET comfortable in bed and texting family to let them know we were home I finally went to bed and closed my eyes...only to check on him about 5 more times until I woke up for the day.

This morning, his hives almost completely went away.  He is able to walk and to grip things in his hands.  That made me very happy.  He took his meds like a champ throughout the day and we celebrated his birthday by going out to lunch with Mr. H.  We plan on doing something special this weekend.

His lips are still a little swollen, but nothing like they did at the hospital.

About 2 hours after these pictures above were taken, I noticed that ET's hives were coming back.  All over his back and face.  I'm worried because we don't know when he is getting into.  Nothing is different...soaps, detergent, food, I can't think of anything, except that he slept over at my parents house and he's never done that before.

This is at bedtime, after medication was given.  You can see the hives around his eyes.  He has a doctor's well check visit tomorrow and you better believe that I'm going to want her to address this and give me guidance.  He can't continue to have reactions like this.  I'm hoping for some answers.  In the meantime, I will continue to check on him throughout the night...because I LOVE THIS BOY SO MUCH!

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  1. Poor thing! SO scary! I hope you get some answers. Love those boys and you.


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