Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just one of those days

I have been so busy and need to catch up on posting but for now I wanted to explain what happened today. 

We were invited over to a friends house for lunch.  Mr H. was going to help them fix their seatbealts in their van and in turn they fed us crepe's with chicken, brie, apples, and veggies.  It was so yummy!  I'm definately going to have to remember that one.  After lunch Mr H. fixed the belts, KK played with their 7 children, and us moms talked while making sugar cookie batter.  We let the kids use the Christmas cookie cutters and we baked the cookies.  We had to roll the dough out again after the dough was cut into Christmas shapes and out of nowhere KK slipped off the chair, knocked his chin on the corner of the wooden bench and fell face first onto the floor.  I was RIGHT next to him and I watched it all in slow motion...I couldn't grab him in time. 

He was crying so hard, I picked him up and I realized his chin was split open and blood was trickling down his neck. The other mom got a wet wash cloth and an ice pack for KK.  The wet wash cloth seemed to help the most.  KK had a hard time settling down. He really knocked himself good.

I thought about taking him to get stitches (he may have gotten a couple or they may have just used dermabond), but I figured that it was more trauma for him to have a numbing "shot" and see the suture coming at him than it was for it to just heal on its own. 

I did pick up butterfly closures at CVS on the way home and pulled the wound together, to help it heal better.  Also during the fall, KK bit his tongue really badly, and it was bleeding pretty good.  He's having a hard time talking because his tongue hurts so's actually bruised!  I didn't know tongues could bruise...but they can!  Do you see that mark that looks like a scratch to the left of KK's boo-boo?  He did that by falling with a large book in his arms and the book's corner caught his jaw, he now has a small scar there too. 

 After the KK started to feel a little better after the fall he got to go outside and play in their tree house. which has it's very own zip line!  How cool is that!?  KK went zip lining probably around 10 times.  He totally forgot about his owie and no longer wanted to go home...he wanted to stay and play.  Mr H. even took a turn on the zip line!

Tonight we went to a drive-through lighting display.  KK was having a blast pointing to all of the different lights and such.  We had an awesome time!  And as I was putting KK to bed he asked if I could sleep with could I say no!?

You see the bandaid falling off?

I'm sure there will be more bumps and bruises...I'm just glad that KK bounces back so quickly. 

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