Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I was Awarded...

Before I go on about this award, I need to give some background information.  My family has a history of nosebleeds but I've only had a couple in my lifetime.  I could probably count on my one hand how many I've had, like the time my brother, RP, and I fist fought and he got my nose, once in the bathtub, and once during a 6th grade class.  Well, I guess that I have passed on that nosebleeding gene to KK because this is something we've been struggling with for a while, remember this?  Within 3 weeks he's gone from an occasional nosebleed to 2-3 nosebleeds a day!  Sometimes they are so bad that it takes 10-12 mins to stop them.  He gets them in the middle of the night, he got one when he bent down to kiss me, he'll be playing with cars and get one.  He sleeps with a humidifier, I've put vasoline in his nose, and he now takes allergy medication with no avail.  He's seen his pediatrician and she recommended him going to an ENT.

Today was the ENT appt.  KK was VERY nervous, he was so quiet in the car and mad that I was bringing him to a different doctor than his usual peds doc.  But he lit up once he saw all of the toys.  I'm glad that I filled out the paperwork earlier because we only had to wait about 15 mins.  KK's nose was professionally picked by the doctor and he also showed me the blood vessels that is causing the nose bleeds.  KK definitely has tons of them, on both sides.  Through the conversation with the doctor he asked me when I was due, and I told him less than 4 weeks.  And so he checked with his nurse/assistant and opened a spot in his schedule for KK to get his nose cauterized because he didn't want to postpone too long because the baby will be here.  This will happen next Wednesday morning at our local Children's hospital.  

When I talked to Mr H. about it and mentioned that KK would be missing his first day of school, KK started crying uncontrollably while I was driving.  I couldn't do anything to help him.  He told me that I was the worst mom because I made him miss the first couple of days last year when we were in AZ and now he was going to miss the first day this year.  So he's not happy with me.  I'm so mean and horrible.  It's been hard to explain to him that it's alright and not that big of a deal, but he's not having it.  He told me only if we went bowling he would feel better....ha, he's a sly one!  

I'm nervous for him to be put under general anesthesia, he's never had to be before and I'm hoping that he doesn't have any problems with coming out of it.  I'm just a nervous mom right now so any good thoughts and prayers would be welcomed!


  1. Sometimes those awards for "Worst Mom" now are the best for the future (not sure that entirely made sense, but I think you got me). Sorry for KK for his nose bleeds and missing the first day of school, hope he has a FANTASTIC school year filled with as few nose bleeds as possible!

  2. Jade had a cyst removed from her neck (near voice box)6 days after she turned 1. Childrens did wonderfully with her and she came out of anesthesia without complications. He will have an awesome story to tell his classmates and he can have them look up his nose 😄

  3. No, "Best Mom Award." It's so much easier to be the good guy. Anonymous is right, KK is going to be a rock star when he gets to school and shows his battle scars.


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