Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Life As We Know It

I wanted to write about this before I forget about it.  Tonight while watching Family Feud there was a question posed to the family, "What would you see at a bachelor party that you wouldn't see at a bachelorette party?"  There were 4 answers and 3 were guessed, Strippers, Booze, and Men.  They were trying to guess the last answer, and one man said, "Sex Toys!"  KK piped up and said, "Six Toilets!?  Why would they need six toilets at a birthday party!?"  Mr H. and I died laughing.  KK thought we were laughing about the six toilets so he started laughing too.  It was pretty funny.

Life is good so far, most of my followers know that I just graduated from nursing school and studying to take my state boards (NCLEX).  July 5-7 I traveled to Columbus everyday for an NCLEX prep class for 8 hours.  It was good to go to that, the man who taught it helped to boost me up, making me think that this is something that I can do.  He was able to break down something that seems so big into smaller more manageable pieces...being able to notice those key words and knowing what they are asking.  He did a great job at breaking it down.  Well, the first day I took a wrong turn going home, but it was alright because I recognized the was the way to go to the Columbus temple.  It was only a couple minutes out of the way so I decided to go and sit in the parking lot and just contemplate about the tasks ahead of me, things that has been weighing on my mind.  Just driving into the parking lot made me feel at peace and so warm.  It was stormy outside...but the temple grounds are so peaceful.  And I felt that peace as I prayed and thought about those things that have been on my mind.  The wrong turn was actually great in the end and the other 2 days I did not make any other wrong turns.

July 8 at 2pm I took my NCLEX test.  The testing center was across the street from my moms work.  I felt alright going into the test.  I'm grateful for my friends who warned me ahead of the testing center they are very rigid with people going in and out.  For example, hair bands around the wrist, have to put it in your hair or show that there is nothing written underneath it.  You are not allowed to take anything in to test with you.  You have to have both of your palms scanned and recorded, as well as your finger prints, plus your picture is taken.  You need to be escorted to and from your seat.  It could have been very intimidating had I not been warned.  I did need to take a restroom break in the middle of my test and I had to raise my hand, be escorted, and my palm scanned.  Before I could go back to finish the test, my palm was scanned and I was escorted back to my seat where my picture was posted up on the screen of the computer.  I finished my test, answering 100 questions in 2 hours.  

When you take the NCLEX you could essentially get 75 to 265 questions just depending on how you answer the questions.  If you're proficient in your knowledge than the less questions you receive, but if you're not, than the test gives you more questions to try and redeem yourself.  But if you're at a point where you are not able to redeem yourself than the test shuts off.  So when I was approaching question 75, I was getting so nervous because I didn't want the test to shut off.  I didn't feel comfortable at that number...but the more questions that came up the more comfortable I felt, but I wasn't expecting the test to shut off at 100.  It literally scared me, I sat there for about 15 seconds wondering what in the world happened.  I got a little knot in my stomach...but it quickly subsided and I just started smiling.  I knew I passed...I just knew it.  I was surprised at what I was feeling because a TON of my friends did not know if they passed or failed, they were a nervous wreck for 24-48 hours.  But me, I just knew.  

After the test I drove over to my mom's work and hung out with her until her shift was over.  I talked with the doctors and her coworkers and everyone was so excited for me that I took the test and wished me good luck.  Mom took me out to Applebee's and we talked about lots.  I love my mom, she drives me nuts at times, but I love her.  She and I are a lot alike on a lot of levels, which is probably why she drives me nuts!  But we love canning jam together and we have the same craftiness.  We're even planning on putting together a craft room once my youngest sister moves out.  We actually just bought 3 sewing machines plus all the amenities.  But I digress, after dinner we went to KK's baseball practice and I enjoyed spending time with the rest of my family.  

I found out 2 days after taking my test that I did indeed pass and that I am officially Chole Hilsdorf, BS, RN, BSN.  It's pretty exciting and now all I have to worry about it continuing to bake this baby.  Speaking of baby...I have about 6.5 weeks left of this pregnancy if I deliver on my due date.  KK was 3 days late so we will see what this baby does.  I'm thought I was uncomfortable before now...but I was wrong!  My pelvis, more specifically my pubic bone is killing me, I seriously cannot find relief.  It hurts to stand, sit, and lay down.  I have insomnia, but when I do fall asleep I wake up needing to use the bathroom or waking up to tremendous amount of pain in my pelvis.  Last night was the worse night I have had, Mr H. was crowding me on my side (I know he want's to cuddle at night, but I just can't!).  So I had to come out to the couch because of the pain and because I had heartburn.  I always have heartburn!  So even though 6.5 weeks seems doable and not too much longer...for me, it feels like eternity.  I'm hoping the baby may want an early entrance to stop the pain.  Although, an early entrance means NO SLEEP, but I won't be in such pain.  I'm not sure what's worse, the pain or no sleep?  I don't get much sleep because of the pain so I have no idea what's worse!?  I know I was just complaining about the pregnancy, and my sister (RR) will laugh at me, but I do enjoy being able to carry this baby.  I am grateful for the opportunity that Heavenly Father gave me to grow this baby, that I am able to carry to term and that I have relatively no complications.  I'm getting excited to meet this baby, I want to hold and feel him/her.  I want to see who s/he looks like.  Only 6.5 more weeks left....hopefully!

Sorry no pictures...I will try and be better

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  1. CONGRATS! I'm sure that wrong turn helped give you the confidence you needed. So beautiful. I feel ya on the Mom front, mine drives me up a wall...but she's great for a lot of things too.

    You are allowed to complain, I'll let ya. I'm going out on a limb and going to say that no sleep with a BEAUTIFUL baby looking right at you, depending on you for everything will be A) worth all the pain now, and B) be "better" than pain and no sleep :)

    Love ya!


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