Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Goodbye 20's Hello 30's!

This was a special birthday for me this year, not only did I turn 30, but I was able to celebrate it with such wonderful friends who made me feel extra loved.  I have never been one to be very social or plan get-togethers but I am so lucky that I have friends who know how to bring me out of my shell.  I should mention, not only do my friends help me, but my husband has been instrumental in this as well.  He helped a couple of my friends surprise me with a "Welcome to the 30's" dinner/pedicure date on the 29th of July.  I thought Mr H. was taking me somewhere, but he arraigned to watch not only KK, but 3 other boys so this could happen!

I was surprised when Adrienne came to pick me up!  I had NO IDEA what we were about to do, Mr H. was so sneaky and quiet about this surprise.  We picked up another friend and headed to our local outdoor mall.  There was a concert going on and people all over the place, it was pretty packed but we ended up going to Brio for dinner and I had the Pasta Alla Vodka and it was THE BEST thing I have ever tried there.  Not only was the food good, but the conversation was great!  I love those 2 girls!

After dinner they treated me to a much needed pedicure!  I was very entertained with the guys who were doing our pedis.  They were really funny.  Telling all sorts of jokes and singing.  They were crazy...

And my feet really loved the massage.  They are so swollen and achy with this pregnancy.  The baby loved it when I got this done too because s/he was bouncing all around and going crazy.  I think I might have to get another one of these done before the baby arrives.  And after our pedis, we went back home.  I had such a fun time with my friends and it was definitely an awesome welcome to the 30's

Mr H. wanted to do something special for my 30th birthday so he called Adrienne (yes the same one that took me out earlier) about a month ago and asked her for any ideas.  She is the best party planner (she organized my bachelorette party!) and she has wonderful ideas on fun things to do around our area.  She suggested this Dinner Train in Cincinnati.  Mr H. made all of the arrangements for Saturday Aug 3 and invited her and her husband to come along with us.  I'm so glad that he did, they were great company and if the baby decided to make an early appearance that would've been fine too because Adrienne's husband is my OB.  Thankfully the baby decided to stay on the down-low.

When we got on the train, there was a little appetizer waiting for us until everyone showed up and the train started going.  The dinner was great, I ordered the salmon, it came with a baked potato and vegetables.  Mr H. had the prime rib, with baked potato and vegetables.  After the dinner the patrons were encouraged to get up and explore the other cars on the train, which we did!

This was the bar train, the train's side doors were open and you're able to see the view a little bit more.

Adrienne and I just relaxing in the car that had nice lounge chairs.  And after eating, then being able to sit in the relaxing chairs it was hard to not fall asleep.  I guess that's what really showed me that I'm getting older...I tire more easily...although it's probably because of the baby growing inside of me!  The dinner train was so much fun and lasted for about 3 hours, I would recommend it to anyone!

On my birthday, I had a really handsome guy kiss me awake before he had to go to work.  KK also kissed me and told me Happy Birthday, after I reminded him that he owed me something because it was my birthday!  The whole day was pretty low key.  I met with my doula for this birth.  We worked on relaxation techniques, things to do to prepare for the birth, and writing a birth plan.  It was very nice to do that, I am starting to feel more mentally prepared for this birth.  I see her again on Thursday.  At Speedway I was asked to take a 15 min survey and was given a $2 was pretty fast and I had time to take it, so I did.  KK also wanted me to stop by JoAnn Fabrics to pick up a few items for him.  He wants to make me something special for my birthday.  He started painting it tonight before bed, so I will be able to see it tomorrow.  My Home and Visiting teachers came by to drop off some yummy cupcakes and chat for a bit.  Later on in the day KK had tball practice and we ate at Five Guys.  It was such a low key day, which was good because it's been harder for me to do anything lately.

I know this has nothing to do with my birthday but I still wanted to make mention of this.  Last weekend Mr H. helped a family from our church.  They had someone dent their rental car's bumper and they opted out of the additional insurance and didn't want to put another claim on their insurance so they asked Mr H. if he might be able to help get the dent out.  He was able to fix it and the rental company didn't notice it when they returned the car and they showed their appreciation with some chocolate goodies, cash, and this beautiful flower arrangement.  The wife made this, this is one of her many talents.  And the flowers smell so good!  When I walk into our house I can smell them and I LOVE it!


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