Sunday, August 19, 2012

As swift as an Arrow

For a couple of weeks KK has had bloody noses everyday, sometimes twice a day.  I've been worried about him and meant to call the doctor about it, but always remember after the office closes for the day. 

During the week of July 30th KK took swimming lessons.  He has learned a lot and can swim in the deep end by himself, although, I never let him swim by himself yet...I have been so proud of him.  August 2nd was the last day of swim lessons and during his lesson, KK had a bloody nose, which reminded me to call his doctor right away for an appointment, which would be later that day. 

After swim lessons KK was very clingy and cuddly.  I just thought it was because the water was so cold and he was trying to warm up.  I thought the inside of the car would be warmer, I suggested to go in there.  He told me that he couldn't walk and needed to be he is a whopping 45 pounds, he's getting to the point where I can't carry him very much.  I made him walk! 

Once we got home he just flopped onto the couch. I thought his behavior was a little odd, but let him lay naked with a blanket covering him while I washed the dishes. He started moaning and saying that he didn't feel well, he felt hot to me. Soon after, he said he needed help to the bathroom. I fetched a bowl and I helped him onto the toilet. He had major diarrhea and I set the bowl down to steady him because he was very dizzy and that's when it happened...VOMIT all over me! Grateful for having a closed mouth, but vomit everywhere on me, the floor, and walls. Yes, THE walls! I was surprised for keeping my composure because I am a sympathetic puker.

After he finished vomiting, I started a warm shower and I placed him in there.  He couldn't stand.  He just layed there on the floor.  I washed him and myself as best as I could.  I let him stay in there until I was dried off and had clothes on.  I had to bend down to pick him up...and he's getting so heavy! 

 Since he was saying that he was so cold I tried dressing him up in long soft pants.  By the time I put those on him, he was asleep.  I didn't want to disturb him.  For some reason your parents bed/bedroom makes things feel better...nightmares or being sick, have you ever noticed that?
 Since I had the original doctors appt scheduled for them to look into the nose bleeds I decided to just take him in for this illness that came as swift as an arrow and see if the doctor could take a look at his nose.  I was so grateful that I made the doctor's appt earlier. 

My dad was borrowing my car because their car took a turn for the worst.  I had called Mr H. to let him know what was going on and to ask if he would be able to get off earlier from work to take us to the appt.  No Luck!  I called my dad because sometimes he is able to get off early and to my great surprise, he was actually off work!  I let him know what was going on and he was so concerned.  He came over right away with my car to help me out.  KK was also given a Priesthood Blessing.  I packed up the stroller to take to the appt so I didn't have to carry him, plus it would give KK a smoother ride, especially with an upset tummy. 

Dad drove, I stayed in the back to help with KK.  He had thrown up another 2 times before we headed to the doctors and again in the waiting room...luckily I brought the bowl.  Dad had called mom and told her what was going on, she left work and came right over to the doctor's office to help (you couldn't tell KK is loved, huh!?), she even offered to help me clean the bathroom.  I love my parents, I am so lucky.

KK threw up, yet again, before he saw the doctor.  If you're counting...that's 5 times in less than 3 hours.  KK had a throat swab and it was determined that he has strep throat.  I learned that strep throat comes on all of a sudden.  The doctor said that she suspected strep throat before she even saw him because of the sudden onset of symptoms.  I will have to take that little tid-bit of info and put it in my back pocket for another day!  Also, the doctor did look at his nose and it was found that KK has an extremely thin septum and it has lots of capillaries.  So anytime he picks his nose, bumps it, or thinks about a bloody nose...he will have one.  She told me that cauterizing actually thins his septum more and can risk a perforated septum.  She also said that as he grows hopefully his septum will too and that if his bloody nose lasts longer than 10 mins without starting to clot than go to the hospital. 

I am so grateful that I had that stroller because after vomiting 5 times, KK fell asleep and if it weren't for already being in the stroller I would have had to disturb him by picking him up, which could have made him throw up again and I didn't want that!  After the appt dad rode back with mom while I took KK home.  My parents picked up KK's prescription and popsicles for him.  I don't know what I would do without them!  Thanks mom and dad!  KK is much better now!


  1. Strep is horrible like that! I'm glad it was something that simple though, those types of "swift as an arrow" sicknesses get Mommas kinda freaking out.

    What happened with his bloody noses or did you not get to those at the appt?

    You are quite a lucky girl to have your parents around..I can't imagine life without my parents down the road (45 minutes).

  2. I hate strep. Hate... Also - I had the exact same problem with nose bleeds and as I've gotten older the fewer bleeds I get. They used to last a good 10-15...sometimes 20 minutes. I was rushed to a doctor once and cauterized because there was NOTHING they could do. But that was the only time. Hopefully his little nose will grow strong, too!


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