Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Busy Summer...So Far!

Since our trip from Disney, it feels like we have been going and going.  We've been so busy, I thought that once I was finished with school I would have time to relax but there have been so many activities going on.  Here's my take on playing catch-up

KK was invited to several birthday parties so far this summer.  This is one of his best friends and the only picture I could get of them that wasn't blurry because both of them were jumping around as they were playing the game

These boys are 4 peas in a pod.  I wonder if they will stay good friends throughout school?
I have wanted to try my hand at gardening.  My mom had one growing up and I remember picking veggies off the vine and eating them.  I've wanted to try growing veggies and canning them for the winter.
Mr H. and KK building my above ground garden.  Notice the juice box in his hands...I thought it was cute and fitting  for a 6 year olf helping out his dad.

Showing him where to hold the pieces.  

On the 1st Saturday of the month, Home Depot has an activity for the kids to build something.  In June, they had a pencil holder that looked like a lawnmower.  Mimi and Mr H. got into too!

He loves to build things!
We've been going to the pool a lot!  KK absolutely loves that snorkle, he  loves just swimming around and not coming up for air.  He's a water boy!

He was trying to catch me in the water and the snorkle was in his mouth and he hit the tube  and knocked his tooth VERY loose.  He was freaking out a little because of the blood, so we went home.

I told him that I could pull that sucker out...he was VERY nervous and it took him about 10 minutes to warm up to the idea, but...

...with one pull it was out and he said he didn't even feel it come out!  

Once they finished the garden it was time to fill it up with dirt and soil.  This was KK's favorite part, spreading it around!

Showing dad where to cut the bag

Spreading it around

Messy hands

"Mom, look at this big chunk...should I eat it!?"

Dirty bum
We were able to obtain 4 Dayton Dragons tickets and asked KK who he wanted bring with him.  He wanted to bring his best friend.  They had a ton of fun.  We were rained on but it wasn't too bad.  We were dry by the end of the game.  Dragons lost though! :(
They wanted more to eat EVEN though they both ate a kids meal before the game!  Those are 2 piggy boys

Did I mention that they are really good friends!?

We've had late night movie nights.  KK tuckered out before  the end usually.  And if you couldn't tell, he's a momma's boy...always laying on me, or trying.  My lap gets overly crowded now-a-days

There is woods behind our house and we like to go hiking...KK likes to have me take pictures of him at different spots along the way.

He's so cute and grown up looking!

We sat here for a little while, KK picked this spot because, "The creek is just so beautiful!"  I'm glad that he can appreciate nature and the beauty within her.

In front of our house we have a choke cherry tree.  Very bitter as KK found out!

My mom, Mr H. and myself went strawberry picking at a local farm.  With 27 pounds we made all this jam!  Half of which my mom took, since we kinda bought everything half and half.  So glad to replenish my stock from the jam I made in 2011

Our plants are growing!  This year I am trying zucchini, jalapenos, tomatoes, string beans, and cucumbers.  We will see how it all turns out.  We also have a strawberry plant, but it's not in the garden, it's in a pot all to itself.

He LOVES this garden!

We've also been to the plash pad.  KK LOVES it here.  I made him wear a bright orange water shirt so I could find him fast.  I'm glad that I did because he likes to run around all over and at times I had no idea where he was and it only took me a couple seconds to pick out the orange shirt.

I sat close to the water and it felt so nice and cold on such a hot day

You can tell he wasn't enjoying himself at

Happy Father's Day to Mr H., I gave the boys a haircut and when it got dark, KK caught fireflies in the jar he's holding.  He was so excited.  I told him that we would have to let them out before he went to bed so that they could find their families and get ready for bed too!
So far that is what our summer looks like.  I also forgot to mention that KK is on a Tball team.  He is so super excited to be a part of it and he has done very well at both of his practices.  His first game is tomorrow.  I should have pictures posted soon afterwards.  We've had lots of fun so far this summer and it's been busy but we wouldn't want it any other way.  I'm just so glad I get to spend it with these awesome guys!

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