Thursday, June 20, 2013

29 Weeks

This pregnancy has gone by SOO super fast, but in the same token, it's been a harder pregnancy than the first.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm older and my body isn't as nimble as it was at 22.  I'm not sure if it's because it's different paternal genetics than KK.  I'm not sure if it's because I have a child already that takes time away from resting.  At my same age my mother was 3 months pregnant with child #5!  I couldn't even imagine having 4 children under the age of 7...I JUST turned 7 when RR was born.  Caleb will be 7 a couple months after Nugget is born.  It puts a perspective on how much more juggling I could be dealing with, so sometimes I feel guilty for complaining...but I just can't help it.  There are some things that are not going smoothly with this pregnancy and it's hard.

One thing that has been bugging me lately is when some people have asked me how I'm feeling and when I answer with, "alright" or "ehhh!".  They've basically said, in one way or another, "I still have a LONG way to go before I should  be complaining like that!"  My question is, why!?  If I'm having a bad day...a painful day, why do I have to hide it?  I know I have mentioned my pelvis troubles.  I'm in constant pain EVERY SINGLE second of the day.  It hurts to sit, stand, walk, lay down, etc.  There have been nights when I am up ALL night because of the pain.  There have been times when I have thought about going to the ER because I'm in so much pain.  So if I'm having an "Ehhh" kind of day, I'm sorry if that's too early to start complaining.  End of that rant!

So during this pregnancy I haven't really gotten any crazy cravings, but I have had a very strong aversion to animals.  I mean, I can't even watch a silly video with an animal (mostly cats and dogs) in it without getting upset or mad.  Which has been hard to deal with because we have a dog.  Zero is so confused because what I allowed her to do before the pregnancy I don't allow her to do now, such as go in the kitchen or lean against me so I can pet her.  I don't like her touching me, looking at me, licking me, or thinking about doing anything like that.  I feel like it's creepy when she looks at me.   The smell of her dog food makes me dry heave and not to mention the couple times she had accidents in the house.  I know that some of the things I do and say about Zero and other animals are irrational but I CANNOT help it.  Animals make me angry during this pregnancy.  If Mr H pets or kisses Zero than he needs to wash that part of his body off before he touches me.  I'm so disgusted with our house because I can see her dog fur on the carpet or on the kitchen floor and it sickens me.  I know a lot of you who read this are animal lovers and probably think that I'm the most horrible person alive...but I seriously CANNOT help it.  I have tried to pet Zero but I instantly think that I have to wash my hands.  This is a feeling that I've never felt before and it all started when I got pregnant, so I have to assume that it will end with the pregnancy!?  Mr H. is SUCH a HUGE animal lover and this has been hard on him too.  We can't even watch America's Funniest Video if there is an animal on it, I get up and leave or complain about how dumb that video is.  It's been hard to register for baby gifts because I want NO animals on anything.  Why are there animals on every single baby item!?  I've told Mr H. that I don't want Zero even close to the baby once s/he is born and licking the babe is out of the question.  Mr H. calls Zero "Sweetheart" or "Baby Girl" sometimes and I told him that if we have a girl that he will have to try to find different cuddle names, because if he calls her "Sweetheart" or "Baby Girl" I will instantly think he's talking about the dog...and our baby is NOT a dog.  I think he got a little upset/frustrated with me when I told him that.  But I just can't help it...he'll have to find another cuddle name for the baby if it's a girl.  I think he needs help thinking of other cuddle names because he's having a hard time coming up with them...

But other than those rants and complaints, I have really enjoyed this pregnancy and I really can't wait to meet my baby.  As of now, we don't have names chosen, we've talked about it kind of, but nothing set.  We just need to meet the baby first.  I can't believe how super fast I feel like this is going, we will be 30 weeks on Sunday and Thursday we have another Ultrasound since I'm high risk...and I can't wait to see Nugget moving around.  And here is a picture to document how big I'm getting.


  1. I called Jade "pretty" or "miss pretty". I didn't like the name her daddy wanted to name her. Mr H could try princess. 😊

  2. I hear the "you've got a long way to go!" comment quite a few times when someone asks me how I'm doing and I say something that's not automatically "positive". Errr, it gets so frustrating!!! If we want to complain, we should be allowed to complain ... we know we have some time left and it might get worse, but goodness, just let us vent :) You are almost one week to the day behind me by the way :) - Brooke Fourn

  3. Fist let me say how BEAUTIFUL you are! You've got struggles, we all do, but (and I don't SEE you) I think you're handling them VERY well...especially considering the amount of pain you're in! LOVE YA! Hang in there!


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