Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's Jam!

So Wal-Mart had a sale on Strawberries at $0.75/lb and I decided to buy 20 pounds. I knew I wanted to make jam but I had never made it before. I have always watched my mom make it growing up but I never took the time to actually learn. Now I can read the recipe...but having my mom teach me her tricks just made me feel more comfortable. So I asked me mommy-dearest to help. We had a great prodigious time. I LOVE my mom, she is the greatest person I know. I never appreciated her when I was younger as much as I do now. Making jam together was a wonderful bonding experience. The work load was a little easier with two people and it was a wonderful bonding experience.

KK is a great helper...washing the strawberries

KK trying to act cute because he wanted to eat the strawberries

I thought he was cute enough to eat one

REALLY wanted to eat this one

All cleaned, stemed, and cut. Ready to start jammin'

KK showing me how he would crush the strawberries

Me crushing them and IDK what KK's doing

Starting to look good!

Helping to stir

46 Jars total

Now this is just for me to help me remember what my mom told me and the techniques she used:

  • Start big pot of water boiling
  • Add 4 cups crushed strawberries and 7 cups sugar
  • some lemon juice (fresher looking)and a tiny bit of butter (to help with the foam)
  • rolling boil
  • add Certo (pectin)
  • rolling boil for 1 min
  • skim off foam
  • laddle even amounts of fruit into the warmed jars then pour
  • wipe of lip of jar
  • place hot lids on screw them on
  • place in hot water bath for 10 min
  • place on rack to cool
  • flip over after a half hour (X3) to get the fruit evenly throughout the cans

    I really hope that I will be able to can more items. I would love to bulk up my food storage, plus canning will save money in the long run. And who loves to save money!? I DO

    1. Yummy! If I were still in Dayton I'd love to have come over to help! I'd love to learn!


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