Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nursing Degree

Most of you know my school struggles, graduated with my bachelors in Biology in 2009, was accepted into the local Physician Assistant program, failed one class (by 0.6%), and was asked to leave the program.  It was devastating and I felt like a failure for a long time, in fact, I still struggle with "thinking" that I have failed in life.  But that's another I want to talk about how those struggles have gotten me to where I am now.

I knew after the PA program that my schooling was not finished...although my student loan amount repayment amount should have told me differently!  I knew that I wanted to pursue an occupation in the medical field.  So after a little break, I met with school advisors and determined that Nursing would be a great choice for me.  There was an accelerated BSN degree through another local college, I applied, was interviewed, and was turned away because I "failed" (there's the blasted word again) an accelerated program before so they didn't think I could handle their program.  Even though one person from my PA class who also failed was accepted into their accelerated nursing program.  It was heart-wrenching.  Old wounds were torn open again and me "thinking" I was a failure were replayed in my mind.  But with the support of my husband I knew that I needed to keep trying.  So I decided to apply for the regular nursing program, which I was accepted into.  The only downfall with this program is that it would take 2 years to complete, whereas the accelerated would take 1 year.  But I figured that it would be less stressful to take my time in 2 years as opposed to the 1 year. 

The program was tough, there were many tears and late nights studying.  But my nursing track was so supportive and awesome, we all became very good friends and that made it worth-while for those 2 years.  And despite the tears and frustrations I made it!  I graduated on April 27, 2013 with a 3.3 GPA. 

My pinning ceremony was the day before, on the 26th and that is what I was most excited about.  This ceremony is what I wanted my family to come and watch...this was more important to me than the graduation ceremony.
Some of my cohorts
Right after being pinned KK ran and jumped up into my arms...he was so proud
A couple of my closer friends from school
Her + I = LOTS of stories
KK loved playing with this curtain with Jordan
After standing and sitting for so long on Friday I was in so much terrible pain from my hips and pelvis that I had to take a sedative (hydroxyzine) to sleep because I was in SOO much pain, I was seriously on the verge of asked Mr H. to take me to the ER, but knew that they would just give me pain meds and all I needed was to rest my hips and pelvis.  So after a nights rest, I knew that I couldn't bare to go through a graduation ceremony and risk hurting like that again.  So I didn't go to graduation...and I'm not upset about it nor do I regret it.

I am grateful for my education and that I have FINALLY finished (for now).  I can focus on my family and career without the nagging thought of homework or studying.  So what's next for me!?  My main focus is this baby.  I want to have a healthy pregnancy and birth without the stress of finding a job or going to a job.  The money would be nice, but we're surviving right now and can continue to survive until I feel capable of going to work.  This baby and my family are much too precious and are at the center of my focus at this time.


  1. Chole, I'm so proud of you!! Please---you are NOT a failure. Sometimes God allows roadblocks for reasons we can never figure out.

    So welcome to the nursing club! We not only received our pins at graduation, but our caps as well. Do they even still have caps? Back in the "ancient times", each nursing school had their own unique style of cap. When you worked in the hospital, you could tell where someone had graduated by looking at their cap. Ours looked sort of like a chef's hat. Needless to say, I never ever actually wore it to work, but I still have it tucked away.

    Nursing is hard, and after almost 29 years of this career, I'm a bit burned out, I have to admit. My advice (for as much as it's worth) is to truly try to balance home and work. Randy has never understood me not being as ambitious as he is, but I feel drawn to home more than work. I'm probably going to go back to part-time sometime this summer. But even though it is a sometimes frustrating field, it is also filled with moments when you really feel you make a difference in another person's life. You get the opportunity to care for someone in a way that most people never do. That is truly a privilege.

    So again, CONGRATULATIONS!! (Now I can get back to the charting I'm avoiding by writing this! :-) )

    Aunt Deanna

  2. Chole, words cannot express how proud I am of you and how everything worked out. Isn't that part amazing? It all works out, even through the disappointments. LOVE when KK ran up to you! Now rest and take it easy Momma, you deserve it!


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