Monday, April 22, 2013

To my Honey Bunches of Oatmeal aka KK

As I walked into your room to check on you tonight, like I've done thousands of times for 6+ years I was overcome with the feeling of unconditional love for you.  You were sleeping under a pile of stuffed animals and your blankets bunched at the foot of your bed.  I tried covering you but you just kicked the covers off, like you always do, even though all you have on is your underwear.  You've always been a little heater when you sleep, maybe that's why I enjoy sleeping with you on cold nights.  Tonight is a cold night, however, mom and dad have been trying to encourage you to sleep in your bed the whole night so I will not sleep next to you, but I did lay down and just look at you.  I put my palm on top of your chest as it had risen and fallen, my fingertips could feel your heartbeat...thump-thump thump-thump.  I had to smile because that heart is so tender and loving, it's a good strong heart, don't let anything change that!  My hand moved from your chest to your face and I traced the outline of your cheek and jaw with my fingers.  I put my thumb on the very faint cleft on your chin and bent over to kiss those incredibly soft and warm cheeks, I think I have kissed those cheeks about a million times. I moved my hand again to your very soft straight brown hair and I brushed some off your forehead, you're in need of a haircut again!  I love your nose, it's so perfect and cute.  I noticed yesterday that you have a couple freckles making their appearance next to your scar on your nose from when the dog bit you.  It's been 6+ years and until yesterday, I didn't think you would have inherited my freckles.  This summer will help them become more noticeable.  But until then, I will just enjoy the 3 little freckles you have.  Did you know that you have very thick eyelashes?  I look at them and wish that my eyelashes were as thick!  As I am looking at your eyelashes I can see your eyes moving beneath your eyelids and I wonder what you could be thinking or dreaming about.  I wish at times that I could just jump into your dreams and see what it is your mind thinks up.  As I cuddled closer to you, I could tell that you used dad's body wash to clean your skin during your bath, you have a manly musky smell that isn't typical for a 6 year old!  I hope this isn't a precursor to you wanting to grow up faster than your earthly age.  But, honey, you are growing, you're growing so fast, and I love the time we have together...I NEVER want it to end, even when you're a teenager and it "isn't cool" to hang out with your mom anymore.  But I won't worry about that for a while now, in the mean time I will continue to check on you every single night and watch you sleep. 
This photo was taken last summer

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  1. AMEN and DITTO! I do that with JJ too. Why do they have to grow up?

    What a precious post!


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