Thursday, October 27, 2011

KK's California Trip

KK went on a trip to California with his grandma. He was gone for about 8 days and I missed him dearly! I was grateful for the time to get things done, but I was sad to not feel his hugs and kisses in the morning. I know that he had a great time, although I did get a little freaked out when grandma called and said they were in a car accident the day they got there! But KK was fine, it was a fender bender, but still, it was nerve wracking for me, especially after his car accident earlier this year.

I'm really not sure everything that he did in California but I know that he had a lot of fun meeting and playing with X's side of the family. He went to Reno, Nevada and met other family members. He has a 2nd cousin who is a month older than him and he has a little pony tail and KK keeps mentioning it every now and then on how he should cut that off. Which I thought was really funny that KK would NOT like to have one and he thinks that his cousin's needs to be cut off.

KK had a great time and he has told me a couple stories of the things he experienced. I think that KK would love to take this trip again next year (before school starts!?) I am grateful for the relationship that KK has with his grandma and I am grateful for the relationship that I have with her. She calls every week and asks how I am doing and to get an update on KK. She lives in Virginia but has been looking for housing here in Ohio just in case a job may open up for her to move here. I am lucky to have her. She loves KK so much and I am grateful.

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  1. That truly is a great blessing Chole! Glad he had a good time.


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