Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eve

Every Friday night the boys spend the night with Mimi and Papa. X wanted KK Saturday so they could do an easter egg hunt. X was a couple of hours late picking up KK, who was waiting at the door the whole time. My dad was a little flustered and explained his frustration to X that he cannot keep KK waiting like that. X took Caleb and they left to go to the easter egg hunt.

Mr H and I were on our way to go study in the Sinclair (community college) library. Last weekend we were not able to get anything done (because of a huge trial) and we were a little behind on our studies. So we are driving down and I get this phone call from X, "C we were just in a car accident..." My heart starts pumping "...and KK is alright!" My heart is still pumping. No matter what was said I didn't know if my baby was alright until he was back with me. I asked X where they were and he said, "the middle of nowhere...somewhere between Beavercreek and Sugarcreek." He didn't know which street or how to get to where they were. I panicked. We started driving in the general direction. I called and asked if he could get me an intersection. He was able to do that.

We got there and I could see that KK had been crying, he was still in the back of the wrecked car. Once he had seen me, he just was uncontrollably crying and he was scared. He just wanted to be in Mom's car. He wanted me to stay with him. I've never seen him that frightened. I placed him in the back seat and went to talk to X.

The intersection they came upon looked like a 4 way stop. All the previous stop signs were 4 ways so when they (B, X's girlfriend, and X) came to it they thought it was a 4 way and started to go. There was a car that T boned them on the front/middle passenger side which shattered the glass and pushed them into an embankment. KK was in the back passenger side. His glass did not shatter (thank goodness!). B was driving and was sighted. She told me how sorry she was. This was the very first time she has ever talked to me. She always avoids me when we go to the McDonald's she works at. I was kind of taken back and grateful that she admitted her mistake and apologized. I was very thankful that KK seemed fine. If he were injured in any way I don't know if I could have accepted her apology.

Even though KK seemed fine on the outside...I have enough knowledge in the medical field to know that internally he might not be fine. So we took him to the ED to get him checked out. On the way there KK wanted us to pull the car over so he could throw up, his chest hurt, and his ears. Once we arrived at the hospital KK was very weak and lethargic, he wasn't saying much. The nurse asked us what happened and luckily because Mr H. works on cars for a living he could explain how the cars crashed into each other. The nurse asked KK what hurt...KK did not respond so I explained the nausea, chest discomfort, and his ears. Which the nurse documented.

When the doctor arrived he was a DO and was so cool with KK. He asked KK what happened and he said it was like beyblade. And the doctor understood him. He asked KK if it was like zizzizzizz (making noises) and crashing his hands together. He really got down on KK's level and comforted him. And I am grateful for that. KK needed a chest X-ray, which was normal. The doctor said there is a chance that KK could have bruising but we haven't seen any since. By the time we were being discharged KK seemed to feel like his self again and was talking a lot and really hungry. So after being discharged we grabbed some Wendy's and went home.

Pointing to where it hurts

I am grateful that my Heavenly Father kept KK safe and that there wasn't harm done to either party. Cars can be replaced...people cannot. I am grateful that Mr H. and I weren't studying at the library yet because there is no cell phone reception down there. I am grateful that my GPS knew where to go. There are a lot of things that I am grateful for. This experience helped me to learn that prayers really do work. I pray every night that my family is safe and protected throughout the day and into the night. This ordeal could have been a lot worse but I am thankful it wasn't.


  1. So scary and terrifying. I can only imagine how you felt! I am SO glad he's ok and that you still took him to the doctor even though he "looked" ok. WAY TO GO MOMMY!


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