Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Naked Boy

KK really is my naked boy...he LOVES stripping off his clothes and running around the house telling me to catch him. He squeals with laughter as I "act" like it's a big deal that he's naked, that he has to put clothes on. Today was no different.

KK was at my parents house while I studied for two tests on Monday (please pray for me). They rang me and told me that KK was very upset (I could hear him in the background). I talked to him and asked what was wrong, he told me that Mimi wouldn't let him get naked. I kind of laughed and then asked my mom if I should pick him up. I drove over there to pick him up and take him home. As soon as he was home he stripped off his clothes and ran around the house, hugging Zero, playing with his toys, and helping me with laundry.

It doesn't bother me that he likes to be naked, but I only let him strip down when only I am at home with him. And I think he likes to be naked just because. But he's always been like that. I am glad that he's comfortable in his own skin. And I have a ton of black mail photos from when he is

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  1. Oh boy. Jerimiah's NEVER liked being naked, he'd scream as a baby if I had to change him. I think it's funny that KK was so upset about not being able to get naked at Grandma's that he needed to come home. Gotta love it!

    (hehe for the blackmail)


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