Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Our Little Visitor

Do you remember this and this!? Well, I'm not really sure why but I suppose birds love our home. About a week ago we noticed a cardinal flying in and out of our backyard and finally realized that one of her babies had tried to fly out of the nest too early. This little one kept flapping around only being able to get about 2 feet off the ground. We just observed the little guy because every time we got close the momma cardinal would yell at us. So we just left him alone. We needed to leave to go run errands and by the time we got back there was another little bird who'd fallen, but this one was a lot more scrawny than the first.

1st Bird

2nd Bird

The next day was a Sunday and it had rained and was cold the night before. The 1st bird was able to shelter his self a little from the weather but the 2nd bird was drenched and looked so pitiful. We wanted to make a little shelter for them while we were at church because it was supposed to storm the whole day but we also wanted the mom to be able to get in there to feed them too. Mr H. came up with our recycle bin on it's side and a towel. The trickest thing was actually getting the birds in there. I let Mr H. get yelled at by the momma bird.

By the time we got back from church there was only one bird, who was dried out and sitting on top of our pottery shelf. We wondered how the little one got there but it was made apparent that it hopped and flapped its wings until it got there. It was cute. But by far the cutest thing about these little birds was when the one was hopping and flapping it's wings on our back porch screen. It would hang onto the screen for dear life then flap higher, but soon it was get tired and start slowly falling down.

By the next day both birds were gone. We still see the momma bird and hope that the babies stop by once in a while.

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  1. Awe, are you guys the "Dr Doolittle's" of birds?


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