Monday, May 30, 2011

May 26, 2011

Today wasn't as crazy as yesterday...but it was still busy. I worked from 7am to 11:30am, came home, cleaned, waited for the internet installer guy, he finally shows up at the time I have to leave for class. So Mr H. rescues me and comes home to supervise the guy installing. As I leave the condo I see this yellow finch hopping around...KK starts to chase it and it doesn't fly away. I told KK to leave it alone and we left. In the car I called Mr H. and told him about the bird, that it must have gotten hurt in the storm, and to not let Zero outside.

Since JM was in the hospital I have no babysitter and 2 weeks left of school. My parents want to make sure that JM is not alone in the hospital so they, along with Z, have been taking shifts watching her. I called and found out my dad was at home so I could go to class. On the way to class mom called and said JM was dilated to a 4 and 100% effaced. I wanted turn around and go home but I couldn't because I had a group presentation to do.

Because of all the events happening recently I did not have the opportunity to practice my part of the group presentation for class. I was nervous and didn't want my lack of readiness to hinder my groups grade. I said a silent prayer that I would relax. I felt better but still just wanting to get it over with. I told my teacher what was going on and that I needed to leave after my presentation...she was very understanding.

I got up and did my part of the presentation and I was thankful when I was done. I packed up my stuff and before I left the class one classmate motioned me over to her and she told me that I did a really well on my part and that while I was up there she said she could envision that I would make a great nurse, that I was poised, and spoke clearly and understandably. It made my day...I was so nervous and with Heavenly Father's help I was able to present my material in a manner in which people understood what I was talking about.

On my way home I called my mom and asked what was going on and she told me that they gave JM another shot of steroids for JEM's lungs. And after returning home with KK I wanted to change out of my good clothes and into something more comfortable. I closed the door and started changing and I heard this ripping noise behind me...startled, I look around and nothing is there. I begin undressing and again I hear the noise...I know I wasn't hearing things, but when I look around nothing is there. I slowly start walking towards the noise and this is what I found:

Mr H. actually caught the finch and brought it INTO THE HOUSE! He wants to nurse it back to health by catching worms and feeding it to him/her. In my head I'm thinking, "Are you freaking kidding me? We are not keeping a freaking bird in our freaking house!" But I know that I cannot actually say that because I don't want to hurt his feelings [but he reads this blog and now he knows...I love you!]. So I suggest letting it catch its own worms and eat bugs outside, that way its not so scared and we don't have to worry about it or clean up after it. I think Mr H. got the point that I did not want the bird in the house because he agreed to keep it outside. THANK!

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