Monday, May 30, 2011

May 27, 2011

Nothing has changed today for JM, her cervix is still shortened but her contractions are not as regular...which is a great thing. For every day the baby is inside JM that's about a weeks worth of development if the baby were in the NICU. So I told JM to cross her legs or to hang upside down.

I didn't have class today but was busy, busy, busy. I had an appointment with the counselor we are seeing as a family. I didn't have a sitter for KK so I brought him with me and the counselor's spouse watched KK...they read a book for 45 min! KK LOVES books! After the appointment, I felt very defeated mind you, I took KK to the store so that we could buy JEM some gifts. KK picked out a dolly and 2 outfits for JEM, flowers for JM, and a box of candy for Papa. We got some lunch and went to the hospital. I had shove the food down my throat and take off, leaving KK with my mom. I was on my way to meet Mr H. at G's school to discuss the possibility of having him repeat 8th grade. The meeting started at 3pm and didn't end until 4:15pm. A lot was said, but it couldn't be decided at that time because the school is waiting for some test scores and the evaluation from the Ellis Institute. So we're not sure if he will be repeating or not. But after that I went home to grab shampoo/conditioner and a brush and headed back to the hospital.

At the hospital Lupe was there with my mom. Lupe is basically a very close family friend...she started babysitting us when I was 2, she lived with us for a while in Michigan, and she's kind of like an older sister to me. KK had a great time and played nicely. But mom needed to get home because A was having her graduation party this weekend. So mom took KK and I stayed with JM until Z could get to the hospital. I braided JM's hair back, which hadn't been brushed since Wednesday. She was very out of it so I just pulled out my computer to start working on homework. JW stopped by with his &iquest girlfriend? Now I question the title of this girl because I am not sure. But JM was a little upset because she really hasn't been introduced to her and thought it was a little weird. JM just wants family visiting, because she's still on MgSO4 and still dizzy and feeling yucky she didn't want to entertain anyone or feel like she needed to. Once Z arrived I started doing homework and JW and his girlfriend left. I stayed for a little longer but once JM started feeling tired again, I left.

I called my mom to pick up KK but KK was having way too much fun with Lupe's boys so I just went home and let KK spend the night. I was feeling very sick because for lunch I had a small salad and it was about 9pm now and my sugar had dropped. I felt like throwing up. I needed food but nothing sounded good. G went to bed and Mr H. took me to steak n shake. I felt better after I ate but still felt bad so I just went to bed.

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