Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthiversary

Remember when!?

Well, I suppose our family doesn't like to remember a whole lot of dates so we combine important events on days that are already important. Take for instance July 31, last year Mr H. and I tied the knot, it was a special day...this year a healthy and beautiful baby niece was born. Talk about the coolest gift. [Sorry Mr H., I love your gifts...but this kinda out did you! lol].

We woke up to a mass text from JM at 6am that said, "My water just broke!!!" I was too darn tired to get up plus I know that births can take a while [especially first births] so I didn't rush out the door or anything. I took my time waking up. KK and I made french toast for Mr H. I did a load of laundry. I took a shower. I was in constance contact with my parents who were at the hospital. When JM went to the hospital she was already at a 7...but did that make me move any faster?...not really! I got the cameras ready, then realized that the charger was missing [RR "accidently" took it from my house! Just like I'm going to "accidently" punch her face if she does that again!]. I told Dad to let me know when JM has the epidural. In the meantime, AA texted and said she tried waking RP up 3 times to take her to the hospital but he won't budge and asked if I could pick her up on the way. Which we did.

At the hospital we received the update outside the room while JM was resting. The physician went to deliver a set of twins at another hospital and would come back after that so that's why everything was quiet. JM was fully dilated but at a -1 station, she rested while we waited. About an hour after we arrive the nurse went in the room and I followed. I asked JM if she was still alright with me being in the room for the delivery...she didn't care as long as there wasn't a restriction from the hospital on the amount of guests. So I set up post for her right leg. Mom had her left and Z was at the head of her bed looking like he was going to pass out. My other sister, RR was there too just to watch.

JEM was still a little high, but JM started pushing. She made it look so easy, she wasn't straining her face, she was pulling up her legs [while mom and I pushed her legs against her chest to help], and she wasn't screaming or even wincing. Finally JEM started coming down, she would crown but then go back into the canal. Putting my nursing skills to work I was wondering if her bladder was full -- maybe that was why she couldn't come out!? I asked JM if she had to go, she wasn't quite sure because of the epidural and the nurse said that she'd emptied her bladder before they put the epidural in but she would try again. Once the straight cath was in JM filled the basin up half way! Poor JEM was being squished from JM's bladder. After she was empty things started speeding up. The doctor was called in and he just finished suiting up as JEM's head came out. As JEM's head came out JM gave a whimper of pain, but that was the only time. JEM's umbilical cord was wrapped around her shoulder like a purse strap.

Born: July 31, 2011
At: 2:39pm
Weighing: 6 pounds 10 ounces
Length: 20.5 inches

Z cutting the cord

When she came out she had this very quiet crying. She hated my camera and wouldn't stop crying until she was back with her mom.

Look at her log nails!

Happy Family Photo

Very special moment when JEM was given a Priesthood Blessing

Mr H. was so cute holding JEM, he was a very proud uncle. Doesn't he look like a pro holding her!?

JM did beautifully giving birth. JM made it seem like she did this all the time. She tore a little and was stitched once on either side but everything looked great. I am very proud of JM and I am very grateful that she let me be a part of this very special day. Thank you JM. The easy part is over and done the hard part begins.

Oh, and not to forget...Happy Anniversary Tom! I can't believe it's been one whole year. At times it feels like it was just the other day and sometimes it feels like we've been married longer than a year. And in all actuality we have been married longer than a year, just not to each other. :) We've been through more in one year than a lot of couples have gone through their entire lives. I am grateful to have you as a companion. I am very lucky to have you.


  1. What a sweet and amazing post. My favorite is that "release" in her face the first picture of her holding that little Princess! I so remember that feeling! I would of rather had YOU holding MY right leg when I gave birth to Jerimiah than the person who did hold it (my right leg was COMPLETELY numb)!

    CONGRATS and I hope they are all doing well! Happy Birthiversary to everyone!

  2. I always love reading people's birth stories. Congrats to them, and also Happy Anniversary to you two. One year seems to have gone by fast!


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