Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Eve

Every Wednesday night Mr H. and I play Volleyball at church. Last week we didn't go because there was just too much homework for both of us and the week before that no one really showed up so we couldn't play. So this week we really wanted to go. There were only 6 people there but we figured 3 on 3 would do especially since our friend, Ben B., will be leaving for Afghanistan on Saturday so we all wanted to play before he left.

We played one game and were in the middle of another when Ben spiked it and I complained that he couldn't do that when there weren't so many people to dig for it. He told me that I could have blocked him [now you have to realize that Ben is probably at least a foot taller than me]. So I walked over and jumped, not thinking that I could even reach the top of the net and when I came back down I sort of landed wrong, very wrong. My ankle twisted and I experienced the most horrible pain. I tried to stand and walk it off but I couldn't even get 2 steps and had to lay down. This pain made me physically nauseous and shaky. I just breathed through it all the while thinking that that was dumb and feeling so stupid for getting hurt and ruining volleyball for the night. I didn't want to make a scene so I put on my brave face and tried standing and walking again. I made it to the car and just wanted to go home but Ben and his wife Bonnie wanted to bring us out for dessert [Ben felt bad about me getting hurt] at Bill's Donuts. The way to my heart is through pastries and donuts and pies. So while I ate the donut I almost forgot about my ankle until it was time to go and I had to walk on it. I was jumping out of my skin every time I put pressure on it, but again I put on my brave face until I got into the car, where every bump in the road hurt me.

Arriving at the big house to pick up KK I was able to receive a Priesthood Blessing from my dad, RP, and Mr H., blessing that my ankle was not broken and that it would heal fast. After the blessing I shuffled to the car while Mr H. got KK ready to leave. We stopped by CVS and bought an ACE wrap. I put the wrap on at home...remembering the RICE method, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Took tylenol and went to sleep.

Sorry to those who hate feet [like me], but I had to take a picture

Can you tell which ankle is hurt?

I didn't have many problems sleeping with a hurt ankle but when I woke up in the morning to use the bathroom I felt like I was going to die! I felt fine sitting up, turning and letting my legs hang down over the sides of the bed, but when I stepped down and put pressure on my foot I jumped out of my skin. So I hopped to the bathroom, which isn't very far [probably less than 10 steps] and the pain was so bad that I felt like passing out. I got flush, sweaty, nauseated. I sat on the toilet [I was afraid to sit on the floor because I didn't know if I could get back up] and told KK to get me a bowl to throw up in. Now you have to understand I am the kind of person who HATES vomiting, I will swallow and swallow to keep it down so I sat for a while, gained my composure, used the restroom, washed my hands, asked KK what he wanted for breakfast, and hopped to the kitchen to make it. I got out the eggs, toaster, bread, pan, and butter. After that, I had to pull the chair over and sit down. The light headedness overcame me and I had to lean over the stove. I told KK to get me another bowl and I started heaving. KK's scared, he starts crying, "Momma don't die...momma we need to call 911." I really did feel like dying, I told him to grab my phone. KK's still crying I dialed Mr H.'s number and gave the phone to KK. I'm still hurling and KK's scared and crying, something Mr H. could not understand. He was crying so hard Mr H. tried to get him to calm down, to understand what he was saying. And finally KK said, "Momma's throwing up. You need to come home." Mr H. asked him if I told him to say that and he answered, "Yes." Mr H. asked KK to give the phone to me and at that time I had stopped throwing up and was horribly shaking. Mr H. asked if I was vomiting -- Yes! I told him I was in so much pain. He asked if he needed to take me to the hospital -- Yes!

Once he came home he got everything ready, KK's toys to play with, my purse, my phone, my make-up to put on in the car, and some other things. We headed out to go to the hospital stopping by the gas station first. At the hospital, they were busy and we waited a while. Luckily the pain had subsided so we took some pictures to document.

In pain still, but was happy to be seen

After some pain medicine

X-rays were taken and we were sent back into a room at 1:11pm. I asked if there was some crackers for KK or myself to snack on because neither one of us had breakfast. They said I couldn't have anything, just in case I needed surgery! Surgery!? Are you kidding? I can't have surgery...I don't want surgery! They grabbed a Popsicle for KK, but I know he was extremely hungry and I felt like a horrible mom for not feeding him...but I can honestly say that when I was in THAT much pain, I wasn't really thinking of him at that time. I was hoping he would just be patient and not get too grumpy. I also had some emergency snacks I keep in my purse that he devoured.

After the doctor took off the ACE wrap

We were waiting for a while for the Radiologist to read my x-rays and that made me nervous. I was thinking, "It's taking long because it's broken and I need surgery and their waiting for an ortho consult...crap!" Luckily I didn't think like that for long because the pain meds were kicking in and making me sleepy so I fell asleep. Until the doctor came in to tell me that nothing is broken...thank goodness! But I wasn't out of the clear yet. If my ankle isn't healing within this week and if the pain doesn't seem to get better than I should probably have another x-ray because there may be a hairline fracture that may not show up for a couple of days. So I have an air cast and some sexy crutches. Just in time for my 28th birthday!

Mr H. stayed home for the rest of that day to help me out and to take care of KK. He did, however, need to work on RR's car. So he did that for a while during the evening. I couldn't get KK to bed because I was in a lot of pain and we hadn't filled the prescription yet. I called my mom to have her come over and help me. She fed us, cleaned my TV room, and washed my dishes. She even brought me some pain meds...I love my mom! I really don't know what I would do without her!

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  1. Talk about painful looking! :( I hope it heals quickly and that there is no hairline fracture.


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