Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dayton Vectren Air Show

Last year we were able to go to the Dayton Vectren Air Show where there were lots of planes and things to see. KK royally enjoyed himself last year and we wanted to take him again but we've been having a severe heat wave and we're not allowed to take in coolers or big water jugs. Both Mr H. and I and even my dad were worried that the heat would be too much for KK so decided to leave him with my parents. Since we had two extra tickets, I invited RP and AA to come. We had a blast.

All together

Alyssa posing with a pilot!

RP and I being goofy

Us, again!

A small plane...Mr H. could tell you what kind it was

The Whale of the Sky...Can you believe it actually flies!?

We were really excited to see the Thunderbirds this year and of course they were the very last show. The sky kind of looked a little "ify" but they took off and did a couple "fly-bys" but after about 2 mins they had to call it because the storm clouds were really rolling in. It stunk that we only saw a couple mins worth, but oh well! We started walking to our car and the rain started coming. Once we got home this is what we arrived to find:


and this!

I'm just glad no one was hurt and everyone stayed safe. Maybe it was a good thing KK stayed, he is terrified of storms and this probably would have really scared him. Maybe we will be able to take him next year to the air show!?

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