Sunday, March 5, 2017

So far in 2017

As most, our house is hoping that this year brings new opportunities and great growth.  Who knew that not even 2 weeks into the year we would be be facing our biggest outbreak of illness.  Last week Mr. H had to call off 2 days of work for his illness.  Monday I had to call off work to take both boys to the doctor and they both were diagnosed with strep throat.  KK was so bad, he had a hard time walking and was shivering with fever for a good 24 hours (Caleb reacts very harsh to the strep virus).  ET only had a wet cough and low appetite. Both started their antibiotics, KK slept most of the day under our electric blanket. I kept them home from school Monday and Tuesday to allow the meds to do their thing.  In those 2 days I scrubbed and cleaned door knobs, handles, bedding, blankets, etc.  I wanted the illness to leave this house as fast as it came.  Wednesday, the boys went to school and we went to work.  While at work, I was cold, shivering, and couldn't get warm.  I hurt all over.  I didn't want to eat.  I took my temp throughout the day and it reached 100.8 at the end of the day.  I'm grateful I work with physicians, because I was able to obtain a prescription to start, which I got filled at the pharmacy at the hospital. But towards the end of my shift, I was useless.  I came home, took a scolding hot bath, turned the electric blanket up, took sleeping meds and went to bed.  Mr. H. didn't want to disturb me and went to bed on the couch that night.  I called my mom Thursday to ask if she could pick up the boys from school, which she agreed.  She was still dealing with insurance things from the tree.  When she came to my house after picking up ET from school in the AM, she was worried and stayed at my house until after she picked up KK.  She's such a good mom.  I was useless on Thursday too.  Friday, I was feeling worse, despite the antibiotics, I was useless.  I called my doctor and was prescribed something different.  After 24 hours on the new meds, I'm feeling 50% back to normal.  I'm sure I'll continue to feel better the longer I've been on the meds.  Throughout all of this, I feel that all Moms should have immunity from illness.  We are the glue of the family that somehow holds everything together.  I didn't realize how fast my kids make messes, or how high the trash piles, or how many dishes are used, or how dirty my floors are before I start to pick up the messes, take out the garbage, clean the dishes, or vacuum the floor.

I'm hoping that during 2017 we keep some of these resolutions:

  • Continue towards being debt free
  • Make healthy choices to live a healthy life and be active
  • Make more memories
  • Meet new friends
  • Take chances and be more confident
  • Reduce stress
  • Have a garage sale
  • Become organized
  • Journal more
We shall see was 2017 has in store for us.  I'm hoping that this outbreak of illness will be our only for at least this year.  

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