Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mother's Day

This year, Mother's Day was a little different from other years.  Saturday night I worked, so when I came home on Sunday, while everyone was getting ready for church I was getting ready to sleep.  But I didn't want to sleep in too much because I had to be at work for a morning shift on Monday, making the Night/Day shift transition is hard.  While everyone was at church I slept until about 1pm.

We did a a few things around the house/yard.  Mr. H was going to make a nice steak dinner, but then my mom invited us over.  She had made homemade pasties...which are one of my favorite meals.  I could seriously eat these morning, noon, and night.  My mom even bagged a couple up for me to take home, which was a great surprise.

Once we got home, it was getting close to bed time.  The boys took their baths and got ready.  I wanted a picture with them,even if I looked horrible, no make-up still sleepy look.  But I love my family and they love me no matter what I look like, so here's the picture

At school KK grew some grass for me.  The grass is supposed to look like his hair.  I suggested we plant the grass in the yard and he did NOT want to do that.  So the grass sits, in the cup, on the outside window sill.  I love that he does stuff like this for me.  

He also wrote about me and these are my two favorite things he's said.  I love him so much.  He really is the best 1st born I could have asked for.  He is a great example to his brother.  

Mr. H. is in the works with getting me set up with his Mother's Day gift to me.  He is going to be sending me on a vacation for just myself in a Gypsy Wagon.  Now some people may not think that's a vacation or that it may be boring to be by yourself.  But, you see, my battery of life recharges when I am by myself, when I don't have a talk to anyone.  Mr. H. is the opposite, he likes talking to people, which I am grateful for, I love how outgoing he is, I love that he can make friends with a lot of people.  I like to be with myself or a select few people, so this little get-away is the perfect thing for me.  We haven't narrowed down the days that I'm going yet.  Work and Mr.H's school will make an impact, but I can't wait to go.  

And that was Mother's Day for me 2016

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