Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yup...I have a job!

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

I hope that this quote is true...I hope that I have found a job that I love because this is going to be hard for me to leave the kids.  I have had a wonderful 10 months without school or working and it has been blissful.  If I could win the lottery and stay home...I would!  I would have more babies and continue to be the best mom ever!  I used to say that I would go stir-crazy if I were to stay at home, but for the most part I could totally rock the Stay-at-home-mom thing!  But I digress...

...Wed, Feb 12 my mom came over to watch the boys while I went out and networked and submitted resumes and applications.  Prior to this I had applied to about 50-70 jobs online and a couple around town with no calls, no emails, no interviews, no anything, except a Correction facility close to home.  Most places said that I needed experience, but how am I suppose to gain experience if no one will hire me!?  So I've been frustrated with the job search.  So when my mom came over to watch the kids, I didn't think anything would come of it, except making myself feel better about trying to find a job.  SO I went to one place, a doctors office close to home, but they weren't hiring and didn't know of any place that was.  Mr. H suggested a place by his work but I had applied there already.  But I went in and asked if I could talk to the facility manager about a job, but she was in a meeting.  I was asked if I would like to fill out an application...sure, why not!?

When I was almost complete, the manager was out of her meeting and she asked if I had a few minutes...COMPLETE SHOCK...Ahhh yeah, sure!  So we sat and talked, I was relaxed after 10 mins or so, she said, "Well, I should probably ask you some of these questions!"  NERVES...I had to tell myself to just relax and answered her questions.  She got up and asked if I would like to tour the facility...yes, why would I decline!?  So she took me around and explained how things worked there...she tried to find another woman to introduce to me but she couldn't find her.  She walked me back up to the front, we shook hands, I asked when I should hear back from her, and I left.  I felt good...why would she take me on a tour if I was a no-go!?

Anyway, the next morning, on Thursday, I received a phone call from them asking when I could come in for fingerprinting and drug screen.  I told them I would be available Friday.

Once I got there the lady (never met her) pulled out a contract and basically ran through it with me.  "WAIT...I HAVE THE JOB!?"  My mind was racing, I was excited and nervous at the same time!  I was satisfied at the offering and so I signed the contract.  The shift will be from 3-11pm and I get shift diff.  The days vary, may be on the weekends and/or weekdays.  It's full time.  It's the med-surg side of the Nursing home...people who are not sick enough to stay in a hospital but too sick to go home.

One thing that I'm really concerned about is I won't see KK until he is already in bed.  We would only see each other for that short time in the morning before he went to school for 5 days a week!  It's going to be an adjustment for everyone.  I have orientation on Wednesday and we will see when I start and I will know more information about the job after the orientation.  One thing at a time...right!?  First thing up...DAYCARE!

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  1. Did my comment post? If it did you can delete this one...if it didn't I'll just summarize.

    YAY! Congrats...and good luck! KK will do great and everything will work out just fine. You have a wonderful support system and hey, you're schedule may not stay this way forever. LOVE YA!


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