Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Woodland Lights

Another tradition we have as a family during the winter is to go to Woodland lights.  One awesome thing is that it's literally in our backyard!  We can see our lights from our garage!  It's so pretty.  So we decided to walk to the Rec Center and KK rode his new razor scooter.  Here are some pictures:

There is a train that the kids can will be a sad day when KK is too big to ride in that thing

ET is just hanging out looking at all of the lights and watching his big brother on the train.  It was really cold, but we bundled him up really good!

After the ride

There are other rides that KK was able to ride on, this one went around on a circle.  There was another that you took a hay sack up to a tall slide and slide with the sacks.  KK went with Mr. H first and KK won cause he cheated...before Mr. H was even sitting down KK took off!  What a turd, so guess what happened when Mom went with KK down the slide!?  Yup, a little taste of his own medicine!  lol

Another ride, this one was kind of like a Ferris Wheel, but a lot smaller! 

This was the last ride and after the ride KK told us that he liked the rides at Disney World better!  lol.  

While KK was riding the rides ET got a little bored and fell asleep.  So he missed all of the bright lights while walking around!

There was a little cabin that people could come in and worm up by the fire.  KK loved sitting in here

There was also animals on display, such as foxes, turkey, reindeer, and wolves.  

Precious is still sleeping!

The boys likes looking at the animals

Looking over the pond, the boardwalk is closed off because of the ice and they don't want anyone to slip and fall into the pond but 4 years ago Mr. H wanted to take me across the caution ropes and propose to me on that little platform.  I wish he would have!

Hanging out with my KK

An airplane light display!

K's crazy hat hair and him getting a gingerbread man painted on his face

There were gingerbread houses that were displayed and KK liked this one, it was a Ninjago themed house and I think a family in our church ward created it.

Huge Clydesdale horses that pull a carriage.  This year we did not go on the carriage because we didn't know where to park our wagon with the carseat without someone taking it.  I'm sure it would have been fine...but I'm a little worried about things like that

KK wanted me to get a picture of the face painting before he went to bed.  The frog's name is Ribbert and he loves sleeping with it.  I got it for him for Christmas.  

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  1. Yay for Ribbert :) Looks like so much fun...hopefully this was all before the HORRIBLE freeze you guys got! Another good memory for KK's book :)


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