Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Last Hooray!

We wanted to do something special with KK before his first day of school, although, his school starts on the 14th, he will not be officially starting until the 15th (more on that later).  It seems like this summer has flown by and I wasn't able to do nearly as much as I wanted to with KK.  Here's a list of things we have done, in no particular order (so that I remember and that I feel like an accomplished mom)

Disney World
Putt-Putt Golf
Splash Pad (multiple times)
Magic Castle
Runway Fest
Sleep overs
Swimming at the Pool
KK and Mom date
and I'm sure there's more, but my brain isn't working.

KK LOVES bowling, he LOVES to play it on the Wii, but we don't go bowling very often, especially with me being pregnant right now because of my pelvis and how much it hurts ALL OF THE TIME!  Mr H. and KK usually play against each other on the Wii, this is a picture from a couple days ago, when KK dominated the game, naturally, he wanted a picture!  And yes, his Mii is a girl.  He actually has a TON of Mii's and you never know which one he'll pick to play with.  But anyway...

On the 13th we decided to take KK bowling.  He had no idea where we were going, he thought we were going to the movies...but he was pleasantly mistaken.  He lit up and got so excited.  We decided to have them place the bumpers up, which was good.  I did not fair so well during both games.  Mr H. won both...but I'm demanding a rematch after pregnancy.

 KK and his pink ball.  He had so much fun, I hope we can have family night again, very soon.

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