Monday, August 26, 2013

KK's 1st Surgery

Like I mentioned before in these posts, KK has horrible bloody noses and after a referral to the ENT, it was recommended that he have a cauterization done to the very large blood vessels.  Wednesday August 14th was the day it was to take place.  My dad and Mr H. took the day off so that they could be with him too.  Have I mentioned before how lucky I am to have great men in my life!?  Well, let me digress for a moment.  I am super grateful for the men in my life and the example they set for my son.  My hope is that he too, will one day be as great or greater than these men.  So the 4 of us headed to the local Children's hospital.  KK's surgery started at 9am, but we needed to be there 2 hours beforehand.  The waiting rooms were super small and could only hold 2 visitors, my dad stayed in the main waiting room while Mr H. and I could stay with KK.  At one time, I switched out with my dad so that Mr H. and him could give KK a Priesthood Blessing before the procedure.

We had talked to KK last night and explained what was going to happen (we did not mention an IV), that he was going to be given some medication to make him go to sleep but that he'll think he just closed his eyes for a second.  KK was excited about having medicine that would make him fall asleep and was eager to try it out.  BUT, me, on the other hand, I was super nervous and anxious.  I don't think I would have been so nervous if I were not in the medical field.  Let me digress again, once when I was observing a surgery, the patient in the room next to us was an 18 year old male who was getting his tonsils out (Routine, right!?  Small surgery right!? No problem, wrong!).  He went into cardiac arrest because of an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.  The doctors ended up opening his chest and defibrillating his heart.  Long story short, he made it, but I DO KNOW that there is a possibility of things going very wrong and that's why I was so nervous for KK.  I prayed for the doctors and nurses that everything would go smoothly for KK's surgery.

After the blessing, my dad came back out so that I could go back into the room with KK.  He had 2 nurses and they asked me the general questions they needed to, allergic to anything, past surgeries, born premature, etc?  They also asked if he had any loose teeth, which I thought was a little odd, but after thinking about it, it made complete sense...they didn't want them falling out during the surgery.  They took note of the "comfort items" KK wanted to bring with him...Monkey Chow and Dolphi, which are pictured below.

The PICU nurse who will be taking care of KK right after the surgery came in and explained to us that she will be with him and taking care of him until he is stable enough to come back to the room, which would be about 20 mins after the completion of the procedure.  When she was finished the anesthesiologist came in and explained things to KK and to Mr H. and I.  I asked about the IV, and she told me that they do it after he is "sleeping" so there is no anxiety/stress over getting that inserted when he is awake.  I thought that was a genius idea!  After meeting with her, the doctor came by and was very brief with us.  I had some questions for him such as how was the procedure done, liquid nitrogen and the cauterization tool is how he would perform it.

After we had met with everyone, KK was prescribed liquid Versed, which is used for anxiety and can make a person sleepy.  It only took about 10 mins for the effect to take place.  KK was saying he felt dizzy and kept moving around, he also ended up with hiccups.  He looked like a 6 year old drunk.  We did get a video, but it's on Mr H's phone.  Then, finally it was "go time" and he was wheeled away.  I thought it would be a good time to use the restroom, but the restroom was closed for cleaning so I just talked with my dad for a while until the restroom was open again...about 15 mins went by and it still wasn't open but I thought I should go back to KK's room to wait for the doctor, who was going to come by when he was finished with KK.  By the time I got back to the room, the doctor had already come by and talked with Mr H.  Oops, I didn't want to miss it, but Mr H. did a great job asking about recovery and if he needed to be careful during gym or when he could go back to soccer practice.  The doctor also told him that they removed his lower right lateral incisor and they kept it for him in a specimen cup to take home

I still needed to use the bathroom and we told the nurses that we would be out in the waiting room if they needed to find us.  I was able to finally use the bathroom and after about 15 mins the nurses came out to get us.  KK was already in the room.  He was OUT!  The nurses told me that they needed to make sure that he would wake up, but that wasn't going to happen.

It reminded me of this picture of when I was brought back to my recovery room after general anesthesia.  I don't remember this photo being taken or anything else that happened the day I had KK.

The anesthesiologist brought KK a white cherry slushy but he was so tired that he had a hard time drinking it and would suck it into his mouth but would forget to swallow.  He was sooo out of it.  Poor baby.  After a while we were given the "go ahead" to go home.  We were given a wheel chair so he could be transported that way.  The nurses were apprehensive of me lifting him because I'm so pregnant, but I do it at home too...a 55 pound boy is no big deal I suppose.  Mr H. had left to go get the SUV ready and pulled up to the building.

We dropped off my dad at home and Mr H. and I got something to eat at McDonalds.  KK was still out solid.  So we went home and Mr H. carried him inside and laid him on the couch where he just slept and drooled all over the pillow!  After we ate lunch Mr H. needed to go to work and a little while after he left KK woke up and I fed him some small crackers and juice.  He was so confused as to how he got home.  I told him his tooth was missing and this is his picture showing how happy he was to have another tooth gone.

The picture is kind of awkward, I know, but he was still VERY MUCH out of it.  We started watching a movie, but soon after it started he said he needed to throw up.  He was very nauseated.  So I just took care of him the best I could.  Cold wash cloth, sips of sprite, stroking his arm, and singing songs.  Eventually he fell asleep and I just kept everything quiet, I even laid down on the other end of the couch and fell asleep with him.  Until JM called and wanted to see how KK was doing, she said hat she had something for him...I asked her if she could wait an hour while he slept and settled his tummy, but she was adamant and came over.  Bringing him a sundae.  JEM and another kid she watches was with her and they were NOT quiet and ended up waking KK, but KK was glad to see JEM.

I think that (fingers crossed) IF KK ever needed another surgery, I don't think I will be nearly as anxious as this one.  I know how KK reacts to anesthesia and what I need to expect when he comes back, nausea and vomiting and being very sleepy.  I'm glad everything went well and that so far since the surgery, he's only had 1 very small (in comparison to before) bloody nose.  He has a follow up on the 29th.

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