Monday, August 26, 2013

Nugget Update

Before I begin, I just want to caution those people who might think my details have too much information, so if you think you're one of those, please stop reading now.

Well, towards the end of pregnancy it gets pretty hard to do anything and you're very uncomfortable.  I don't sleep well and end up using the bathroom at least 3 times a night, but most of the time it's about every hour.  I'm in terrible pain all of the time because of my hips and pelvis.  My pubic bone is separated and when I move around at night I can feel the bones grind against each other and sometime it pops and cracks.  Have I mentioned that it's very painful!?  It hurts to stand, walk, sit, and lay.  There are no comfortable positions for me.  I just have to wait for the baby to come....

...and that's where we are right now, waiting for the baby to make its arrival.  I am 39 weeks right now and my due date is September 1st.  At my latest appointment last Thursday said I was still 70% effaced, 0 to +1 station, and 3 to 4 cm dilation.  Now most women are in labor at this point and end up going to the hospital, not me!  With KK, I was dilated to 3 for 3 weeks.  This is week #2 of being 3-4 cm dilated.  I'm curious as to what it will be on Thursday.

My body has had a lot of activity, a lot of cramping/contractions, but nothing regular.  Most of the activity happens in the evening and it stalls by morning.  I even lost my mucous plug, well, part of it on the 17th.  Mom thought for sure I was having the baby within 3 days...nope, the baby is still holding on.  The womb is comfortable and s/he doesn't want to come yet.  I am thinking that I will be pregnant for the rest of my life.

Mr H. has taken me up in the plane twice.  After the first trip, I came home with major contractions and spotting, but by morning it has stalled, but that morning was when I lost the aforementioned mucous plug.  The second trip was last night (Sunday) and I had contractions (nothing regular) but no spotting and by the morning everything had stalled.

I have been taking Evening Primrose oil, which is supposed to help move things along...I have a couple of friends who have taken this and within a couple of days they have started labor.  I've been taking this for a couple weeks with nothing happening.  It's a little frustrating.

I've also gotten pregnancy inducing massages...twice!  And nothing, some contractions but then they stall out by morning.

I guess the baby will come when s/he is ready but, it would be nice for him/her to hurry up.  I'm very uncomfortable and I can't wait to meet my baby

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  1. When you were talking about all the ways to get "nugget" coming I had to laugh. :D He wasn't going to do anything on your terms - he had his own plan!

    I'm sorry you had such pain. Just remember all of this when/if he is a tough teen - "I WENT THROUGH ___ FOR YOU!" LOL JK!!!! But it would be funny.


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