Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day in Florida

May 19th was our last day in Florida.  We got back to our hotel sooo late last night that we hadn't even started packing for our trip home.  We needed to be checked out of the hotel at 11am and we needed to make sure that the stroller was returned by 8am to the hotel's office.  Luckily Mr H. got up early and took the stroller to the office and came back only to fall back asleep.  Yup, we didn't wake up until the VERY LAST MINUTE.  To say that we were scrambling around like mad would be an understatement.  I finally just didn't care about organization when packing...I just started shoving things in a bag hoping that everything would fit.  We finally got everything packed, put in the car, and locked up 2 mins late, the front office didn't care though, so that was a sigh of relief.  

We decided to get some souvenirs, since we didn't really buy anything at Disney because it was so expensive.  All of the touristy shops around were not impressive to me.  So we went to Wal-Mart to buy some things.  We let KK pick out one stuffed animal.  He was having SUCH a hard time picking out the one he wanted to bring home.  After about 5 mins.  I sat on the floor and had him sit on my lap and I asked him what was making it so hard to choose.  He told me that he was afraid that people would make fun of him for choosing a princess doll instead of a Disney character.  I told him that I wanted him to chose something that made him happy.  So I took a picture of him holding a Disney character and a picture of him holding the princesses and to chose based on the picture which one he looked the most happy about.  And these are the pictures...

Remember this?  KK is my Princess boy.  He LOVES princesses and girly things...but he is also SUCH a boy.  He is very well rounded and I hope his wife thanks me one of these days.  Needless to say that he chose a Disney Princess...Aurora to be exact.  We also picked up some Disney pins and a lanyard for me.  Also, Mr H picked out a Goofy stuffed animal and KK picked out a Mickey for me.  We had fun looking and buying souvenirs for us, I know that we saved a TON of money by shopping at Wal-Mart instead of at the Disney Park.  Once we were done shopping we had lunch and headed to the airport.
We had some time before we needed to go to the terminal and we spent it taking pictures with a spaceman, Harry Potter, and Goofy.  We also looked around at the Disney store that's there.  There was a charm bracelet that you can create that I really liked, but I told mr H. that we could probably find all the charms cheaper on ebay.

The flight was rough again...I tried sleeping for a while, but it still made me queezy.  I had to get up and use the bathroom a couple times and each of those times the pilot had told everyone to stay in their that kinda stunk.  But at least the flight was only 2 hours and by the time we landed in Dayton, I was glad to be on the land and KK was excited to see Papa, my dad, who was picking us up.  K's was so happy and run to   jump into my dad's outstretched arms.  We pinked up the luggage and realized that one of our bags was we had to report it.  I was frustrated, thinking that someone took it, but they assured me that it was probably lost in transit, which is weird because it was the first bag we checked and the other bags got to us.  Luckily we only had to wait a couple days and they delivered the bag to our home.

This vacation was awesome and we're already talking about the next time we go to Disney World.  I would like to put together a post about things that worked and didn't work for us...but that might be a little while.  I need to catch up on how life has been after the vacation.

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