Friday, August 12, 2011

My Princess Boy

I had started a post a while ago talking about my princess boy but I had deleted it, I think now I am ready to post about it. One day about 6 months ago before I needed to go to school, I saw this mother and son on the Today Show talking about how her son loves the color pink and likes to adorn himself in dresses. My ears perked up as I heard this. KK's favorite colors are pink and purple. He loves girlie things. When he is at a play date with some of his girl friends from church he always seems to find the dress up clothes and puts on the dresses. He loves Polly Pockets and he even likes Bratz Dolls. If we play a game where you choose to be a boy or a girl he chooses to be a girl. Sometimes if we play "Knights and Dragons" he wants to be the princess we save. When I put on nail polish, he wants some too. When I get ready for church he wants to put on jewelery and make-up too. When I put on lip gloss he puts it on too. He's put it on at church before and I've gotten negative comments about it, "you let your boy put on lipstick...?" "Yes, and I don't see a problem with that!" Once KK came crying to me asking me why he can't be a girl. "Because the body you chose in the pre-existence was a boy body."

I love my son and want him to be himself and to be comfortable with himself. A couple months ago I got into a pretty heated debate about my religion and homosexuality. The person I was going head-to-head with asked if my son were to grow up gay if I could still love him and support him [She was under the impression that our religion says to disown our children if they turned out to be gay]. I almost had to laugh. I would love my son if he wore pink nail polish, I would love him if he wore a dress to prom, and yes, I would still love him if he chose to be homosexual. Do I think KK will be homosexual? No. I think he has been around my sisters and I so much that he learned to love girl things. Do I think this behavior will continue? No. I think he will grow to find out that he loves being a boy and everything associated with it. I have seen him grow to like boy games, fighting, wrestling, shooting nerf guns, etc. But he still picks the girl characters in games, loves pink and purple, wants jewelery and make-up on, and loves lip gloss.

I love my son whole-heartedly. I love how empathetic and mature he is for his age. I love that we can watch Disney princess movies. It makes me smile when I take a shower and KK puts on my make-up. I love him just the way he is...My Princess Boy!

Girlie Movie


  1. LOVE the spiderman and superman outfits with the makeup! It's such a learning period for kids to really learn what the differences are. It's a phase most have to go through to some extent.

    You're a great Mom! What a little cutie that Caleb is!

  2. He is adorable, and yes being around girls so much does change a boy. My brother was raised with 4 sisters, so he is much more tender-hearted than other guys. I think Caleb is just learning who he is and what he likes, and you are a great Mom not to confuse him and tell him that he can't do or like something. As for those princess movies, my boys like Tinkerbells movies and we own Tangled as well. :)

  3. Regardless of why he does what he does (movies, dolls, games, make-up) you are right - he is your precious child. Whatever his life is supposed to be will be great with a supportive mother like you. I don't think we've ever had serious conversations involving subjects like these and I don't think there was ever a reason for it, but I agree with you 100%. He also looks fabulous in those colors. :) The pink brings out his complexion (which I'm jealous of - I love his darker skin tone.)

    Going back through all of this makes me miss you guys so much. I wish my job wasn't so strict. I've missed so much and I get sad thinking about it. Weddings, births... Hopefully after school and if I start teaching with summers off I can see you guys more. :(


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