Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Last day at Disney

May 18th was our very last day at Disney...I was sad to have our vacation come to an end, but also glad to go home.

We went to Epcot first, I told Mr H. that we forgot to have a family photo there the last time we here's the family photo.  Pretty much the only thing I wanted to ride at Epcot was Soarin' and Test Track.  We went to Test Track to wait in line and I told Mr H. he should go to Soarin' to get a fast pass.  So it was just KK and I waiting until he came back.

This is KK waiting in the Test Track line.  It was cooler in the he had that water fan pointed on him.  He said his feet were hurting him and he was tired.  So he just kind of hung out there until I moved to where I couldn't see him.  Mr H. came back and said he didn't get the fast pass for Soarin' because we were expecting to be gone by the time they were ready to be used

So before we left Epcot, we saw this ride called Mission: SPACE.  You can choose a less intense or a more intense version.  I had NO idea what I was getting into and I said a MORE intense (bad choice).

Basically the ride simulates you taking a ride to Mars but before you enter the ride, it warns that anyone who gets motion sick or who doesn't like confined spaces should exit the ride before moving forward.  Well, I get motion sick but didn't want to look like a baby in front of my 6 year old so I continued on in the ride.  It was a bad experience.  You felt G-forces and you were turned around and it just wasn't fun.  I was just trying to breathe through it.  Mr H. asked if I was alright, I said I'm just waiting for the ride to end and that I wasn't ok.  KK liked the ride, but it pushed you back in your seat so hard that I was surprised that KK was able to lift his arms to hit the flashing buttons that the ride indicated to push.  After the ride, though, KK said he didn't feel well and said he felt like he was going to puke.  We had him drink some water and sit for a little while.  There was a play area right before the exit of the ride and he wanted to play for a while.

After Epcot we went back to our hotel to eat lunch and get ready for Blizzard Beach.  At Blizzard Beach KK and Mr H. went to go ride the water slides I hung out at the lazy river.  I just relaxed, I may have even fallen asleep at some points because it was so relaxing.  We chose to meet each other at the wave pool at 4:30 (the park closed at 5:00).  Once the park closed, we went back to our hotel and KK ate more food (half of a pizza, mind you!) and swam in our pool for about an hour, then we got ready to go to Magic Kingdom to ride more of our favorite rides.

On the way to the Magic Kingdom
KK was a tired boy on the way over to Magic Kingdom for the last time this trip.  Luckily, we had that stroller.  He was able to nap while walking from the parking lot to the monorail to the park.  He really needed that nap, especially since we were going to be at the park until closing time.  I didn't get any other pictures of the day, but we were able to hit up ALL of our favorite rides, watch the electrical parade, and watch the fireworks from Splash Mountain.

We were so happy to have the opportunity to go to Disney World, we may need to pinch our pennies now but the memories were sooo super worth it.  KK is at that right age to have it be so spectacular and magical.  It's been 2 weeks since we returned home and he talks about Disney at least a couple times a day.  He wants to know when we are going back.  Mr H. and I think that we should be able to go back in about 2 years.  Nugget will be almost 2 and we will be able to get a big discount as Nugget won't be 2 yet.  We're also hoping that my parents (maybe siblings family) and Mr H.'s mom might be able to come with us.  At least that's what we are tentative planning.  Hope it works out!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! You're an amazing woman doing all that walking in your painful condition! What great memories! Someday I'll take a REAL vacation with J!


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