Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day in Florida

Happy Mother's Day to me (and all the other mother's out there!).  This was THE BEST Mother's Day I could have ever had, to experience Disney World for the first time with my family.  We decided to go to Magic Kingdom since everyone said that that was their favorite park.

Ready to head off to the park
We had Diamond parking, which was the closest parking to each of the parks (besides the handicapped parking) so that was really helpful because I was concerned for my pelvis hurting from all of the walking.  But I think I did alright, I needed to take a lot of breaks and had to walk slower than other people. 
Our Family photo at Disney

Waiting in line for Goofy to sign his autograph book

KK's first autograph

Another Family Photo
So, I am a concerned mom...I was afraid that KK would get lost or that someone would take him.  Mr H. and I decided to buy him a whistle in case he couldn't find us or was lost and also I made a bracelet with our phone number on it, just in case he was lost and they needed to try to get ahold of us Luckily that never happened, but I was just overly cautious.

The very first thing we did was a Monsters Inc comedy show.  And KK was a part of it, he was able to help Mike Wazowski with the jokes, it was pretty neat!  The next thing we did Buzz Lightyear's shooting game...which Mr H. and KK just loved!
This little game you had to shoot the Zurg targets, Mr H got 999,999 points (he's a turd).  KK and I only got about 200,000.
While in the line for our third ride the people behind us said, "Hey, you're Caleb!"  They remembered him from the show, it was pretty cool, KK was so embarrassed. 
KK loved all of the rides

More Characters

Thunder Mountain...this was one of KK's ultimate favorite rides.  We probably went on it at least a dozen times throughout our whole time in Disney

This is 24 week picture...since we weren't at home to do it

Splash Mountain was another of KK's favorite rides, which he rode about a dozen times

The castle lit up at night

Dumbo ride

The electrical show...KK absolutely loved this.  He loved to see all of the characters and dancing and lights

As soon as the show was over he clonked out, he didn't even make it to the fireworks.  Poor boy!

Soooo grateful that we rented this stroller, I couldn't imagine carrying him out to the car

Once we got back to the hotel Mr H. saw a frog by our door and decided to wake KK to show him the frog

KK wanted to keep it

He had a hard time letting it go
After I made shells and cheese (cause I was hungry) I was feeding some to KK, but then he fell asleep in the middle of me feeding him...he was such a tired boy!

Did I mention that our hotel had a Jacuzzi tub?  That tub was a saving grace for me and my tired body (mostly feet).  I relaxed in the bath almost every night, plus Mr H rubbed my feet and that helped too!

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  1. I loved our Jacuzzi tub.... you're having a girl. I had a very overwhelming feeling with that nugget way picture. You're high....thats a girl!!!! I miss Disney!


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