Monday, May 20, 2013

On our way to Disney

Today (May 11) we left for our Disney Vacation.  We had an afternoon flight, which meant we didn't need to be at the airport by the butt-crack of dawn.  KK actually spent the night at my parents last night and since we needed to go there today so my dad could drive us to the worked out!  We went to get some breakfast and then remembered that we forgot our underwater camera (KK reminded us) and had to turn around, which worked out because I forgot the snack food that I prepared for our flight in the fridge...then we were off to the airport.  My dad drove us and helped us with the bags and carseat.  After checking in we went to the gate and boarded the flight. 
Getting ready to board the flight
Showing how excited he was to get on the plane
The flight had a ton of turbulence and I wasn't ok with that, I get motion sick and it didn't settle well with me.  The flight was only about 2 hours long, so that was nice and once in Orlando we picked up our rental car (which we upgraded to an SUV) and started making our way to our hotel, which was about 30 min away. 
Loving Mickey

At the Orlando airport
When we were halfway there we were stopped at a red light next to a semi truck, the vehicle in front of the truck was a motorcycle and once the light turned green the car in front of the motorcycle started going (but not the motorcycle yet) and the semi truck lurched forward, just knocking the guy off his bike. the semi stopped less than 2 feet away from is head.  I thought he was going to be crushed...we pulled over to see if we could help.  He was pretty banged up with road rash, KK had the idea to put some bandaids on, so I got them out and put them on him.  It took the police about 1.5 hours to get there, despite the 911 call made by the motorcyclist.  At first the 911 operator wanted him to verify that he was in an accident and she didn't want to believe him!  I was shocked!  After the police arrived we were able to give him the correct information (both of the drivers were pretty shaken and couldn't even recall where the accident happened!) and then we were off again. 

The hotel we stayed in was basically a one bedroom condo.  It had a kitchenette that included stove, oven, fridge, and microwave.  It also had a washer and dryer and two queen size beds in the bedroom.  And of course KK had to jump from one bed to the other just to make sure the bed was alright. 

Living room and kitchen area, the hallway leads to the bedroom

I had to lay down for a few because of the rocky flight I was on the verge of a headache and didn't know my darling husband was going to be taking this picture
While I laid down for a little while Mr H. and KK went and did something "secret".  KK was so giddy about it.  It was exciting to watch him like that.  When they came home, they gave me a dozen roses and a mothers day card.  My boys are so sweet!  Mr H. and KK wanted to spruce up  the room with some flowers and to tell me Happy Mother's Day.  I love them so very very much.

Mr H. couldn't find a vase, so he bought a bright pink cup for the flowers
Once we got settled in we needed to go to the store to pick up some food for the week.  We tried not to get very much because we didn't want it to go to waste and I think overall, we did pretty good. 

The local store had this set up with pop can boxes...pretty cool!
After dinner we decided to hit the sheets so we could plenty of rest for Disney World the next day!

He's holding Monkey Chow, an animal that he got for free at a garage sale that he just CANNOT go anywhere without, I don't understand the attachment to it, but it's a strong one

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  1. Ok, I'm getting caught up on your vacation...wish we could've gone with you! You have two very sweet boys!...ok, more reading :)


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