Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lunch with Princesses at Epcot

Today (13 May) we went to Epcot.  We had scheduled a lunch date with the Disney Princesses a month or so back because KK LOVES the Princesses because "they're nice and pretty". So we decided to spend the day and see what rides they had at Epcot. 
Entrance, KK said "That's a big golf ball that the giants use to play golf" 
Another Character and autograph that KK got
Goofy is Mr. H's character so we got a photo with all of us with him
Waiting in line for the ride "Soarin". 
Notice the buttons on KK's hat, I forgot to mention that yesterday I put some sunscreen on KK because I didn't want him to burn, cause we were going to be outside ALL day.  Well, I did the same today making sure to focus on the tops of his ears and after a couple of hours, while in the line for Soarin', I noticed his ears start to swell up and the rest of his face was red and very bumpy (like small little pimples).  I knew he was having an allergic reaction, but I didn't know from what.  The buttons were cool and felt good on his hot swollen ears.  I didn't realize until later that day that he was probably allergic to the sunscreen.  I wanted to leave and go back to the hotel because I had Benadryl there but KK begged to stay and said it didn't bother him very much (as he was rubbing and itching his ears).  We stayed at the park, but I kept a VERY close eye on him, plus the Benadryl would have knocked him out and he didn't want that to happen. 
Meeting Belle for our lunch date with the Princesses
All of the kids got to parade around the restaurant, it was so cute
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White
Mary Poppins
Yummy Dessert, KK didn't care for it, but I loved it
Hanging out in "Norway" (I'm looking bigger than I thought I was, lol)
At Epcot there are different countries that you can visit.  We only visited a couple since we wanted to ride some more of the rides and it was getting difficult for me to walk because of my severe pelvic pain and my feet hurt.  One of the countries we visited was China, and they were putting on a Gymnastics show for the crowd, this was a nice break.  I sat down and let my feet rest...the only problem with sitting on the ground was that Mr H. needed to help me up after the show.  I'm telling you what, I have a new found respect and empathy for those who have broken their pelvis because that's what I feel like...I feel like it's broken, there's not any comfortable position, not standing, sitting, or lying down...every position brings me great pain because of the separation of my pubic bone.

KK loved this guy...he juggled 8 balls!
This roller skating duo was awesome to watch

These girls were awesomely talented
Phineas and Ferb
Mr H and KK were drooling over this car, which was in the test track ride line
The car that Mr H and KK built, I picked the color
We decided to go back to Magic Kingdom so KK could ride the rides that he really liked, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.
Splash Mountain
This little kids name is Asher, him and KK started playing right away.  He can make friends sooo fast
He's in jail
He was able to stay up for the fireworks
We were so close to the fireworks that these burnt pieces were raining down on us
Look at that face
A Goofy hat
Mickey ears
Pirates cap
He's making a chipmunk face
Yup, he's out again!
When we went from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, we took the monorail and left our car at the Epcot park. Well, we learned a big lesson...Epcot closed 2 hours before Magic Kingdom and the monorail only runs for a hour after the park closes, so we were not getting on the monorail back to Epcot.  We had to wait for a bus to drive us back over.  We waited a long time (after being on our feet all day!) and finally when the bus came we had to be quick to get KK out of the stroller and fold it up because there was a ton of people and everyone was cutting and smashing people in line to get on the bus.  I took KK in the bus and left Mr H outside trying to deal with the stroller.  I figured that they couldn't leave without him since I was already on the bus.  Also, luckily there was an extra seat for me to sit down because there was no way I was going to be able to hold a 55 pound KK the whole time, he was such a tired boy that he couldn't even wake up to save his life.

When we got back to the hotel, Mr H went back out and got some cortisone cream and I gave KK some Benadryl  to help with the itching and swelling that had continued during the day then spread the cream on when Mr H. came back.

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