Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me and my Beach Boys

Today (15 May) we went to Cocoa Beach, Florida.  The beach was busy, but we found a nice area to set ourselves up at.  We decided to rent a tent, 2 chairs, and a boogie board.  It worked out great, we had a lot of fun with the boogie board, KK and Mr H caught some good waves, but I should say that I caught the best ones.  The waves were rough and strong...I am SOOO thankful and grateful that Mr H and I decided to buy a life vest before our trip.  Those waves could have easily knocked KK down and rattled him around, with the life vest he was able to float around close to us.  I just felt a TON more comfortable.  

KK wanted to be buried in the sand
Mr H's turn...I was buried too but I thought better of posting the picture once I saw my double chin
 Mr H. wanted to try the boogie board by himself, without hauling a 6 year old along through the waves.  I was dead tired from being in the ocean and KK saw two college kids digging up the sand.  KK asked if he could help them and I told him to go and ask.  The college guys were so nice and accommodating to KK, they didn't really know what they were building but let KK help.  KK was in heaven...he LOVED it and I just watched him.

Hanging out
Pretty Proud of his creation
This is the moat that KK helped to build
Another side to it
This was KK's contribution
Once Mr H. was finished with the boogie board he came back and talked with the college boys and thanked them for letting KK play over there with them.  And Mr H. got down and started digging up with them too. It was so tender to see my boys playing in the sand together.  Mr H. is a WONDERFUL father...KK loves him so much.
Mr H. and KK playing
I love these Beach Boys!
Look at my children are doomed!
Not only did we go to the beach to see the ocean today, but we went to the beach to see a launch of a Atlas 5 Rocket from Cape Canaveral, which was putting an Air Force GPS satellite in orbit.  It was pretty cool, I had never seen a rocket being blasted into outer space before.  KK wasn't too interested, he looked for about 2 seconds then went back to digging the moat.  It was pretty neat...the rumble of the rocket was incredible, even being about 10 miles away.

We had a fun day at the beach
Today was a total success and KK asked when we could go back to the beach again...he LOVES the water.  He's my little beach bum all the way!  I'm so glad I got this experience with my family.  I can't wait to come back!

OH!  I almost forgot to mention that the next day, after the beach, Mr H. realized that his wedding ring was missing.  He is pretty sure that the strength of the waves just took it right off his hand!  Looks like we need to buy another one for him!

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