Monday, May 27, 2013

Animal Kingdom

Today (May 16) we went to Animal Kingdom to eat breakfast with a bunch of the characters.  I love how Disney is so accommodating with those with allergies.  The chef came out and personally went through the menu with me...told me what to avoid, which things he wasn't quite sure of, and which food items were perfectly fine for me.  For those curious minds out there...I am allergic to celery/celery seeds and sunflower seeds/oil.  I have to read labels a lot...even on health and beauty items.  Once I had a reaction and realized that there was sunflower oil in the lotion!  I have to carry an epi-pen with me everywhere I go because I have gone into anaphylactic shock a couple times before so now I need to carry one around. 

Actually, the first time I ate sunflower seeds, I was at a friends house and my throat started getting very itchy and I was having a hard time breathing so I went home (I was probably 10 or 11) thinking that I was having an asthma attack (which I also had as a child) and when I got home my mom made me mad about something...I don't even know what it was about, but I stomped into my room and curled up into a ball fighting to breath and just kept thinking "FINE, my mom can just find me here dead!"  I really thought that I was going to was a pretty bad reaction.  I am VERY lucky, however, that I didn't die.  My mom knows that story and feels bad for whatever it was that made me not want to tell her that I couldn't breathe and my throat was closing.  Thank goodness kids are resilient.  Anyway, back to Animal Kingdom....

Waiting to eat Breakfast

Donald Duck greeted us at the entrance
Mickey Mouse!

Daisy Duck

Mr H. wanted to get into the picture as well, since he was wearing a Goofy shirt

These were maracas that the kids shook while dancing with the characters.  I had to take a picture with KK at least shaking it.  He was in the bathroom while the dancing took place. 

After breakfast we stood in line for a safari ride.  KK was being goofy showing us what he would look like with a mustache

KK took this picture of Nugget, he wanted Nugget to be in the pictures too.  Look how swollen my hands are getting...

KK said, "Strike a Pose"

Just before the ride

A Black Rhino, which are endangered 

Hippos, KK enjoyed these animals

Did you know the reason crocs keep their mouths open like that is to regulate their temperature?  I didn't, until this safari

Giraffes, they were so awesome

I love the elephants

My Boys!

Family Photo

KK loved beating the drums

That archway that I am about to go under was actually a person on stilts.  It was pretty awesome!

We got soaked a couple times on Kali River Rapids.  KK LOVED this never knew who was going to get the most wet and 2 out of 3 times we went...we got soaked!

My Goofy K's

So after we went on all the rides and saw everything we wanted to at Animal Kingdom we went to Blizzard Beach for a couple hours.  We went on a couple water slides and spent the rest of the time in the wave pool.  But before we went to the wave pool I needed to use the bathroom so while the boys were at the pool, I went to find a bathroom and on my way I happened upon a woman who had a seizure.  I was able to use my nursing skills and got her on her side so she wouldn't aspirate.  I stayed until the paramedics got there.  I wasn't quite sure if they were medical staff....they looked like lifeguards, so I asked if they were Medics.  I didn't want to "give up" what I was doing to someone who wasn't qualified.  The whole time I was there, I kept thinking.  I need my oxygen and mask and other medical supplies.  It was a scary situation but I knew that I could handle it.  I am grateful for my knowledge...that knowledge can be taken with me wherever I go!  But after the excitement I was finally able to go to the bathroom, then spend a little time with my boys at the wave pool.  After Blizzard Beach closed we decided to go back to our hotel and eat, rest, and get ready to go back to Magic Kingdom. 

Look at my poor tired, swollen feet...

This was a nice slower train ride

Nugget picture

Buzz Lightyear...KK being so silly!

So we didn't think KK was tall enough to go on Space Mountain, and was surprised when he was!  This ride freaked me out a little because he was sitting in a seat by himself and I couldn't hold onto him to make sure he was alright.  I told him to hold onto the lap bar, or else he would've raised his arms in the air and this ride was pitch never knew which way the coaster was quite an experience.  And of course, KK LOVED it

He is ready for the night life!
We had a really fun time today.  We were VERY busy, but it was a good day.  I love spending time with my family!

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  1. I loved, loved, loved the Animal Kingdom. It was my favorite. The parade was the better of them, I think and we came across the plant lady, too. She was really cool. Scared the ever living bejeesus out of me, but still!


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