Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gator Day

Today we slept in...or at least tried to.  KK woke at about 8am and said he was hungry, I was so completely dead tired that all I could do was give him a blueberry muffin and pour some milk for him and turned the TV on so he could watch (don't judge!) while I slept some more.  Once we were finally up, I made everyone a nice breakfast.
Showing how excited he was with his large pixy stick
Showing how to eat it
I tried some and this is what it did to my tongue
KK loved these huge millipedes
They were everywhere, you had to be careful where you walk or you could  step on them
This was our awesome pool
He was LOVING the air boat ride...he loved going fast
It was so beautiful!
Lots of tiny baby gators
An egg... is the mother of the egg
Family Photo
There was a park close to where we took the air boat ride and KK desperately wanted to he played for a while 
Sliding down
He loves swinging, especially if I push him
Later on that night we decided to go miniature golfing, while we were there, we fed the alligators that they had.  There's not a really good picture of this, but there were about 20 or so alligators and they all were fighting over the hotdog pieces.  I think I only fed them 4 times and let KK do the rest.  He was so fascinated over them...I think Mr H. was too!
Feeding the baby alligators
This was a really awesome golf course
KK broke down once during the whole vacation and it was while we were at the mini golf course.  He came to one hole and started crying, saying that it was too hard.  He just broke down and it was getting to the point that I was ready to just stop playing and take him back to the hotel...eventually he started to feel better once he found out that he could hold an alligator.
Holding the alligator
KK loved this...he wanted to take one home
I want to wrap this post up by saying that I WON the mini golf, by one point.  Mr H. is the golfer...but apparently I can golf (mini golf that is!) too!

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