Monday, May 6, 2013

I have AWESOME friends

I really do have the most awesome friends who love and support me.  Before classes ended I had 2 particular friends who went above and beyond to show me they cared about not only me...but this new baby!  I met both of them through Nursing classes and both are so super fun, smart, and not to mention gorgeous.  When they had found out that I was pregnant they wanted to do something extra special.

Emily, her grandmother knits baby afghans and asked her grandmother to knit me one for Nugget.  Emily knew that we weren't finding out the gender and I told her that I like the color yellow, so she picked up 2 types of yarn and had me chose which one I wanted.  And this is the result:
It is so huge and soft, Nugget is sure going to LOVE it when s/he gets here!  It'll keep him/her nice and warm too! 
I have talked to a couple people about my plans to cloth diaper Nugget...I know this sounds radical BUT, in the long run it saves money and is better for the environment (people argue that it uses more water and other resources, but whatever!).  I've done a lot of researching and reading about it.  I am NOT an expert an this will be a trial and error process.  I do, however, have one friend, Nandry, who has been cloth diapering her son and she has given me a lot of advice.  She even came over to my home and gave me a gift for Nugget, "from one cloth diapering mom to another"

She gave me all of this cool cloth diaper (CD) start up kit.  There is CD safe rash ointment, inserts, the diapers themselves, a wet bag, reusable milk pads, and hand-dyed burp cloths (she made herself!)  I was so happy and surprised!  AND she pre-washed them all for me!  I've asked her a lot of questions regarding CD and she comes with a wealth of knowledge! 
I am grateful for all of my friends, but I wanted to give a shout out to these two, who have made me feel very special when they gave me gifts for Nugget.  These gifts have made me realize that Nugget will be here before I know it and will be able to use these gifts.  I hope that I can continually document the awesome things that Nugget receives so that I can always remember! 


  1. So sweet, you have great friends! :)

  2. Bless your heart..... no cloth diapers for me..... ick! :/


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