Friday, April 12, 2013

And it's a....


Before we even thought about becoming pregnant Mr H. and I decided that we would wait to find out the gender until the baby was born.  When I tell people this, their reaction is "Why!?" or "I could never do that...I don't like surprises!"  Well, wouldn't it be an even BIGGER surprise to be told it's one gender after you've been planning for the opposite!?  Ultrasounds are not 100% people!  But anyway, I'll tell you why we've made the decision to wait...because we can!  Honestly though, when a woman becomes pregnant everyone wants to know everything...when's your due date, what are you having, what are you naming him/her?  Isn't a little surprise fun?  And whether it's a boy or girl we will love it just the same, so finding out the gender isn't really a priority for us.  We don't need to plan anything...the baby and KK will share a room and we'll need to buy clothes for either gender, so we're not worried about it.

We had our ultrasound yesterday and it was surreal.  I think it's finally sunk in that I am actually pregnant and there is a baby in my belly.  KK wanted to come to the appointment to see Nugget, he sat right next to me and wanted to hold my hand just in case I got scared.  He's so cute. 

Nugget was VERY wiggly.  The tech had a very hard time in the beginning getting the measurements for the physician.  So in the middle of the ultrasound, after she got most of the measurements, that she was going to plug the measurements in and maybe Nugget would settle down so that we could get some good photos.  That did the trick because once she came back Nugget was more cooperative and we got some really awesome shots.  She also told us that Nugget is in the 50th percentile and right on track, also that the baby weighs 11 ounces!  So cool.

Profile -- Look at that perfect nose!

Another Profile Shot

Nugget Facing us

Little Footsie
Left arm and hand

 It was so exciting to see the baby move and wave it's hands.  The tech we had was super good, we told her we didn't want to know the sex and she moved along the screen explaining everything to us and being very brief when she needed to look at the baby's femurs.  Mr H and I were trying very hard to find out the sex on our own, but with no avail.  We have no clue, at times we thought was saw a penis, but then another shot would make me think I didn't.  It was very exciting.  KK thinks it's a boy because there is no hair!  He makes me laugh.

Right after the ultrasound we had an appointment with the midwife and Dr. C was working that afternoon so Mr H. texted him.  Did I mention that my OB is a good friend of our family?  Mr H and him go flying every once in a while and we house sat his house last week while they were in Florida.  His wife and I were pregnant at the same time and she gave birth to twins and 2 days later I had KK.  We've known them for a long time.  Yes, it's a tiny bit awkward to think he could be delivering my child and being in my business like that, but in the same token, I trust him and he knows how traumatic KK's birth was for me and how I LONG for a VBAC and if he told me, "Listen, we need to have a C-section!"  I know it's not because he wants to leave to see his family or that he just wants to speed up the's because there is no other way and I will trust him.  The other day, when we were at his house he asked me who cut me open for the C-section and I told him, then he said, "I promise you that if we have to go that route, your recovery will be much better than the last!"  I thought that was nice of him to say...basically that he will take his time and not gut me like the last time.  But I digress, while we were waiting for the midwife Mr H. texted Dr. C and told him we were here and Dr. C came to our room and looked at the ultrasound pictures and told us how good they looked and from a medical stand point, the reason they do profile pictures is to look for signs of down syndrome, which Dr. C did not see any evidence in our pictures.  Which is great because Mr H. and I decided to forgo the AFP test, which would check for that.

One thing that my midwife did check on me was my pubic bone, which I explained to her felt like it was being split open.  She felt around, which hurt like heck, and she said, "I don't feel any separation...oh wait, yup, yes I do."  I have diastasis symphasis pubis, which means that my pubic bone is separating WAY earlier than it's supposed to.  This is why I have so much pelvic pain and why I can't sleep.  I was given a prescription for a sleep sedative, well it's an anti anxiety that will knock me out.  Also I was told to see a chiropractor, physical therapy, and possibly massage therapy.  So I have to call around and see who takes my insurance and start that process.  It will be something that I need to manage during my whole pregnancy, it'll only get better once I deliver and get rid of the relaxin, making everything loose. 

But we're very excited to meet Nugget and find out if it's blue or pink.  Here's Nugget's ultrasound.  It's about 11 mins and I know most of you won't watch all of it, it's mostly intended for the family that live out of state.  So enjoy!

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  1. Love it! So excited for you guys and to hear more about your story. Glad you have a Dr that REALLY cares about you, your wishes, and your well being!


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