Sunday, April 7, 2013

Busy Day

Thursday was a busy day for us.  Mr H. had to go back to work after taking a couple days off to supervise the contractors working on our house because of the water damage.  I had to go to class, but since KK is on Spring Break, we needed to wake up early to drive him to my sisters house.  After class I went to pick up my baby.  My sister and I started talking about random things and KK's tooth came up in our conversation, it's been so wiggly.  He just wiggles it with his tongue, but wont let me near it.  So my sister suggested we tie floss around it and pull it out.  I was game...but KK was scared and nervous.  He was crying on the couch with the floss dangling out of his mouth.  He settled down, watching Sponge Bob and the opportunity presented itself and I yanked the floss and out came the tooth.  KK started crying and smiling at the same time.  There was a lot more blood with this tooth than the bottom two.  We gave him a popsicle to suck on.  That helped...but made JEM mad.  She threw herself on the floor and cried that she couldn't have one too.  So KK shared.

It's so funny to hear him talk and say some sounds different.  He is getting to be such a BIG boy!  I love him so much!  After that ordeal with his tooth we left my sisters place and as we walked down the stairs KK saw one of the neighbors and went running to him to show him his missing tooth.  This neighbor is really awesome, we call him Big Mike.  Last October KK invited him to church and he actually came.  Big Mike was so excited to see KK's missing tooth that he ran inside and gave him $5 from the tooth fairy.  It was very nice and thoughtful.  I had to run some errands and we made another stop to Nannies house and KK was given another $5.  My mom also gave KK $5 from the tooth fairy.  We are surrounded by wonderful people in our life.  The tooth fairy, that night only gave him $3, lol
KK was so funny about the money, he turned to me and said, "I have a great idea mom!  I can just keep losing my teeth and I will get a lot of money, than I can help pay for things and we won't be poor anymore!"  It melted my heart...but made me sad at the same time.  Our family has been struggling horribly financially.  Work has not been good to Mr H., but to hear KK want to help melted my heart.  He is such a wonderful and thoughtful person.
As mentioned above, we were having work done on our house from water damage and we couldn't live there while they did it.  Thankfully, our friends needed someone to housesit their house while they were in Florida for Spring Break.  So it worked out for us.  They have a beautiful house that was built around 1820, they have lots of property, a barn, hen house, garden, tree house, etc.  It's been fun to explore.  They even have chickens!  The chickens were KK's favorite part.  We have an animal lover on our hands, he loves to help water, feed, and chase them around!

KK also liked climbing up the ladder to the tree house!  A couple of the times, though, he would get scared because he was up so high...he might have his mothers fear of heights, lol. 

Once Mr H. came home from work KK was begging him to go outside and shoot the BB gun some more.  Mr H. has been teaching KK the proper techniques and safety measures associated with guns.  We do have unloaded guns in our house and we thought it was a good time to talk to KK about the use of guns and how they can protect our home.  We have been stressing the importance of only being able to touch the guns when he has permission from us.  We've taught him about what to do if he comes across a gun or if his friend wants to show him their parents gun.  He as been very attentive and excited to learn.

He even got a "bullseye"  It was a very proud moment for us.  For 6 years old, he has been doing great, with a pretty good grouping.  He is excited to go to the range with us.  Mr H. is planning on becoming certified as an NRA instructor over this summer, so we will have plenty of times to go to the range. 
We had an exciting and busy day on Thursday, but I wouldn't have wanted to do it any differently.  I love spending time with my family and I love building memories.


  1. :) This post made me smile. I try to teach J proper etiquette with pretend guns as I am not a fan of guns and won't have them in my house. But I do want to get my concealed weapons permit just so that I know better.

    Anywho, what an adorable boy...and sweet. J does similar things sometimes and offers to help (though, never financially). You guys are doing great and great things are in front of you!

  2. Most parentd who own guns who don't hide that fact from their children have never had problems with the kids playing with them. I still remember my dad teaching us as kids what they were and how to be around them.


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