Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 17

The last post was a downer so I thought I would end my night with what we've been up to.  We've been very busy and I usually fall asleep around 10pm so I've had no time to blog. 

Mr H. is still working and taking 3 college classes.  That has been keeping him very busy.  He hasn't been able to go flying as much as he's wanted to, the weather hasn't cooperated and when it does, it's on a day he is busy with work, homework, or night classes.  He's very adamant about taking a break from classes over the summer, which will be like a breath of fresh air.  It'll be nice to have him around more often.  KK loves him so much and he is such a great dad to him.  When he comes home, KK takes his hand and asks him to play GI Joes, Army guys, or Pirates with him.  So Mr H. plays with KK for about 20 mins before doing anything else.  It makes my heart happy to see KK loved so much by a GOOD man!
I have been working 12 hour shifts at one of the local hospitals in the Emergency Room.  I LOVE it.  I can see myself being an ER or trauma nurse.  The 2 things that I have learned and value are that I love to see outside and I love getting a lunch.  I was assigned with one preceptor and we never got lunches or got out on time.  It was annoying and hard for me especially being pregnant, I needed to eat and have that rest period.  Than right after my spring break she told me that the next day was her last and I was in a panic because I NEED a preceptor in order to be at the hospital and I only had 5 more shifts left.  Luckily I was assigned a new one quickly and she is awesome, we ALWAYS take a lunch and we get out on time.  Now I only need 3 more 12's and I am finished at the hospital.  I have a paper to write but after that, I'm pretty much finished and will be able to graduate in 33 more days!  Not that I am counting down or anything!
KK had a concert on Monday.  I recorded it, but I haven't uploaded it yet.  It was so special, they have been working on those songs this whole year.  At the end of the concert I cried.  He is getting to be such a big boy and he is growing up and that makes me happy and sad at the same time.  I love this boy so much.

IDK what that face is for, but the theme of his concert was, "It's not about you, it's not about me, it's about we!"  There was a photographer who took 2 photos of each and every child, showing their personality, in their school and these were the 2 photos of KK.  That bottom one cracks me up. 
Moving on, KK had part of his filling come out yesterday when we were flossing and he said, "What's this rock doing in my teeth!?"  Oops!  So we got him into an urgent dentist office today and they fixed him up.  He got a palate shot and cried for a bit.  He wanted me to hold him while it took effect so I held him for about 10 that boy is getting so heavy.  He did great though.  He told me that he liked that place better than he regular dentist, so we might be going there from now on for him they also use composite rather than amalgam so it's not noticed as much which made me happy.  He was a tough boy and he even said he wants to be a dentist!  So it didn't scare him away, which I am glad for.

While both Mr H. and I were finishing up some homework KK came to show me what he did.  It reminded me of Mel Gibson's character in Braveheart.  I told KK to go to the kitchen, where Mr H. was and yell, "They can take our lives, but they can't take our freedom!"  He runs out there and says, "They can take our lives but they can't take our....what!?"  And ran back into the room...I was dying laughing. 

Nugget is 17 weeks today.  I feel good besides my pelvic pain.  My right hip and pubic bone hurt.  I'm sure it will get worse. I have been feeling the baby a lot and the baby is becoming stronger and bigger.  Currently it's the size of an onion.  KK is so happy and excited for the baby, he kisses my belly and tells it, "I love you"  He is so sweet.  Mr H. is the same way.  He has to kiss and rub on my belly.  I'm just surprised by how big I have gotten the 2nd time around.  April 11th is our dating ultrasound.  We're not finding out the gender so we're just making sure that the baby is still on track for a due date in the beginning of September. 


  1. GREAT Post! I hate and love watching my J grow up too! You're such a brave, strong, and beautiful woman!

  2. Eeeeeeeeee!!!! The belly!!!!

    Lmao! Wish that one was a video (braveheart)!


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