Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"His" Blanket

So for Christmas this year we got a wonderfully soft and warm blanket from Grandma Lisa and Pop Pop.  I LOVE this's so snuggly.  But, there's another person in our house who hogs this blanket and thinks it's his (because honestly, he thinks EVERYTHING in this house is his!)...Mr. KK!  Mr H. has class on Monday and Wednesday nights so he wasn't here last night to help with th bedtime routine.  Last night The Bachelor was on TV so KK bathed himself and brushed his teeth and when he was done he nestled his bare self up to me under the blanket until he was warm enough.  I LOVE having our cuddle time.  And after a couple mins I scooped him and the blanket up in my arms...which BTW, is getting harder to do since he is getting so big and tall...and carried him to bed where he dressed in pajamas.  He asked to use the very fuzzy blanket for the night, which I didn't mind, then we read scriptures, prayed, and read the next chapter in Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban, and he fell asleep. 

Tonight was a little different.  Mr H. did not have classes tonight and so the bedtime routine was started...bath, brush, scriptures, pray, and read.  Mr H. usually leaves KK and I alone after the prayer because he knows that reading Harry Potter is mom and KK's thing and most of the time he has to start on homework, so after the prayer Mr H. asked KK if he could have the fuzzy blanket back and he would find him a quilt that Grandma Ruth made him.  KK seemed to be fine with it until Mr H. left the room, then KK turned to me and started crying saying that it's his favorite blanket and he is going to miss it.  Once Mr H came back with the quilt KK seemed to be fine with giving up the fuzzy one until Mr H. took it out of the room, than the whole world crashed down for KK.  He bawled, I tried to find other blankets around the house but he said they weren't soft enough.  I found one, but he said it wasn't big enough for his whole body.  I think he was overly tired or something, but I had to come out to the TV room and ask for the blanket back until he fell asleep. 

So the plaid blanket with the white fuzziness is the blanket  am talking about.  Once I came back in the room with the blanket it was like I had just saved the world! KK's whole countenance changed, he started to smile a little through his tears and reddened cheeks.  I covered him up with the blanket and he fell right to sleep with his dolphin. 
KK has never been a child to hold on to things like that, he never even wanted a pacifier when he was a baby, but recntly he has been very clingy to his stuffed animals (elephini and dolphin) and now this blanket.  I'm not really sure what's going on, if he's overly tired, or if he just really likes that blanket?  But I'm glad that another mass disaster was everted once the blanket was back with KK.  Now I just have to figure out another warm blanket Mr H. and I can snuggle up under on the couch.
***In both pictures on the very top you can see a blanket hanging down...we made a hammock for KK's stuffed animal, Elephini, and that is where he sleeps, while Dolphin sleeps with KK***

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  1. Awe, what a sweet boy. I'm so glad you two get some "Mommy & KK Time" too. Seems like he really looks forward to that (though it also sounds like he loves Mr H)


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