Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Making Memories...

I can't believe how much time has flown.  I have been meaning to update the blog but there just never seems to be enough time in the day.  We have made a lot of special memories the last couple of weeks since being on Christmas break. 

December 15 - KK turned 6!  Can you believe that!?  SIX YEARS OLD!  I interviewed him on his birthday and this is how it went:

Favorite Food -- Macaroni and Cheese
Favorite Sport -- Baseball
Favorite Color -- Red
Favorite Song -- Gangnam Style by Psy
Favorite Snack -- Scooby Snacks
Favorite Toy -- Stuffed Animals
Favorite Fruit -- Watermelon
Favorite Outfit -- Scary ones
Favorite Game -- Mario Kart
Favorite Drink -- Sprite with Cotton Candy
Favorite Cereal -- Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Favorite Animal -- Dog, Lizard, and Gorilla
Favorite Season of the year -- Winter
Favorite Holiday -- Halloween
Favorite TV Show -- Ninjago and Wizards of Waverly Place
Coolest person EVER -- Jesus
Favorite thing to do outside -- Swim in pool
Favorite School Subject -- Counting
The thing  do most awesomely is -- Run Fast
If I could go anywhere in the world I would go -- spend the night at King's Island
When I grow up I will be -- a Ninja
Book I'm loving right now -- The Gingerbread Girl
3 Words that best Describe me -- Cool, friendly,and playful
When I was little I used to -- Blow out the candles
Best thing about camping is -- Making Smores
One food I dislike is -- Fish
My Best Friends are -- Evan Schroeder and Titus Steck
If I had one wish it would be -- More wishes
Best memory is -- Virginia and Arizona vacations
What do you sleep with at night -- Lightening and Snowflake (his horses)
What do you want for your birthday dinner -- Cake

I wanted to make a bookmark for the family like I did last year but I never got a chance.  Oh well!  This half naked picture of KK is at 8:04am on his birthday.  This is the exact time he turned 6 years old and this is what he was doing.

KK also had a birthday party on his birthday.  At the Americana festival this year on July 4th KK won a pizza party for 30 of his friends at this karate place.  We decided to make it his birthday party.  The institution did everything, sent invites, decorated, did the activities with the kids, bought pizza, and made goody bags.  The only thing that I had to do was provide the cupcakes.  KK ended up with a ton of gifts.  So many that he couldn't open them all during the party and we had to take them home still wrapped. 

All of the kids had fun.  KK wants to do this the next time for his party...we'll see.  I almost forgot...not only did KK have a grand birthday party...but his grandparents from Virginia came over and celebrated it with us.  Both Grandma and Pop Pop.  He was spoiled rotten and was able to stay at a hotel and go to the mall to pick out a Christmas ornament, he even got to sit on Santa's lap.  KK loves his Grandparents.  Thank you for making the trip and helping us make memories.

December 25 - Merry Christmas!  We video taped opening gifts and I only took one picture...but today was an awesome day.  KK got a drum set and he has not let it rest yet. We opened up gifts at our house then X wanted him by 11 until 6:30 and kinda through a fit because the original plan was from 1 to 6:30 but he said that wasn't enough time so we compromised at 11.  We were waiting for 6:30 when X texted at 3:30 and said we could pick him up at 4.  I told him that he was the one bickering for more time and was he sure he wanted us to pick him up?  He told me he was just trying to make a point.  I don't know what his point was and besides that fiasco, this Christmas was VERY memorable.  We were able to video chat with family in Utah and Arizona, it was nice seeing them but would have been nicer seeing them in person.  The babies are getting bigger and I wish that I could squeeze them!  Everyone is doing great and everyone is healthy which is awesome!

December 29 - as a family we flew to Coumbus to see some old friends.  While there we went sledding and this dog came out of no where and jumped on KK.  Mr H. didn't know if he needed to shoot the dog.  I was so scared.  There were other kids with us and the dog chased them too. It was freightening until the dog stopped and took off with our sled.  Mr H. and the dog played tug of war with it.  It ruined the sled, and we had just gotten it and this was the first time we were using it.  The owner finally showed up, in shorts!  He offered to pay for the sled, which was a nice gesture.  So I made Mr H. follow him up to his house.  KK cried, "my brand new sled is ruined..." he had a hard time seeing his sled all chewed up.  The next day we bought a new sled and all is well!

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