Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Woke up on the 14th and THIS little fellow was in the kitchen light.  It was running around as CC was trying to make breakfast.  It kinda grossed her out and she ran upstairs to get her husband to deal with it.  This is how he dealt with a ziplock container!
 The boys were so happy to see and hold the containers.  They were debating back and forth as to who was going to throw the lizard over the wall and I told them I was, R was ok with it, but KK, now he was upset!

Even holding him like a baby didn't help!  He was really upset about it.

 After the lizard was thrown over the wall, we got ready to go to a chocolate shoppe.  The older boys went shooting on SB's father in law's property.  So the girl's and the kids went to a place called Cerreta's.  Walking into the shoppe, you can just smell the melted chocolate.  It was amazing!

Once we were done tasting and buying chocolate we went back to CC's and packed up to go to SB's, Mr H.'s little sister's house.  Since the boys were out shooting, I had to pack everything up myself...which stunk, but figured that would happen. 

At SB's, her husband made an awesome speghetti dinner.  Before the meal was made Mr. H and I had to go pick up G so he could spend the night because we were taking family pictures in the morning.  Once we got back, we ate, talked, and had some fun until everyone went to bed!

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