Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Families are Forever

On the 15th we woke up and got ready for family pictures and of course G was taking his sweet time showering when there were 5 other people who needed to use the same bathroom...annoying!  But here are some of the pictures of Mr H.'s side of the family.  His family includes older sister (CC), husband (RC), son (R), and daughter (N).  He has a younger sister (SB), husband (S), and son (M).  And we can't forget Mr H.'s mom, Grandma Ruth!

Once the pictures were taken we needed to get G right to school, but before that he needed to go back to his apartment to change and grab his school stuff.  Once at the school, G had missed 3 classes and Mr H. wanted to meet and talk with G's wrestling coach.  Unfortunately, he wasn't available, but he got his phone number and called him later on that day, and left a message.

My sister, her husband, Mr H., and I went to Mesa around 4ish.  This was a very exciting time.  Mr H. and I were going to the temple to be sealed and to become a forever family.  Now, let me pause for a second and explain in my own words what a sealing is.  When a couple gets married, in a church, justice of peace, or in a backyard, they are married "until death you do part."  My interpretation for this is that once a person dies, they are no longer together, they're "parted."  This would sadden me if I was not able to be with my family when I die.  In the LDS temple there are ordinances that are performed which are sacred...not secret, but sacred.  One of those ordinances is a sealing ceremony, where we are married for "all time and eternity."  This ordinance helps to ensure that once we die, we will be with our family (if you have more questions about this please ask and I ill do my best to answer them).

After the temple we went to this pizza place called Organ Stop.  It has wonderful pizza, but people don't go there for the's the entertainment.  One person plays the organ and is responsible for all of the other instruments associated with the song he is playing, such as "who let the dog's out."  This place has been openedfor 40 years and they were having a sale of 1 appetizer, 2 pizzas, and 2 pitchers of drinks for $40.  We all had a great time and ate really yummy food and listened to great music. 

 My lovely sister, RR, and her hubby. 
 KK loved the music and loved watching the guy play the organ.

We stayed until close and it was worth it.  Afterwards, we met up with Mr H.'s friends who is a Southwest airlines pilot.  He was all over the continental USA that day and had just gotten off of work.  It was great meeting him and talking, but I was getting very tired.  KK had already fallen asleep in my arms.  We didn't get home until almost midnight...which was 3am Ohio time.  It was a long but great day!


  1. YAY! Congratulations! I know you've been waiting for this day for a long time!

  2. LOVE those family pictures. So beautiful! Looks like you guys had a blast and the icing on the cake was your sealing, how incredibly blessed you are, don't ever forget it girl!


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