Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Z to A in AZ

August 13th it was 116 degrees in Phoenix and we went to the Zoo, yeah I don't think we thought it through enough. It felt like a toaster oven but frozen water bottles were packed for us to stay hydrated. And again, CC came to the rescue with her coupons and was able to knock off some of the price which was awesome. Once we got to the zoo we saw tons of anmals including elephants, birds, tortoise, monkeys, and much much more.
 We had to get a picture with KK next to a cactus.  Isn't he sooo cute!?

R and KK looking at the bird.  This bird was funny.  It had a dead fish that he was just playing with it, putting it in his mouth and flipping it in the air...letting it sink then retrieving was funny until another bird came by and took it from him and ate it in one swallow, then it was hilarious! 

They likes to find this stone creatures all over the zoo and sit on them and wait for us to take a picture.

Just some trees I photographed.  The sun was shining so brightly!

These flamingo's feathers were all ruffled and it looks to funny!  There was one flamingo that was sitting on an egg.  She stood up and we could see the egg, it was really neat!

There was an area where we could be inside the habitate with the monkeys.  They were so tiny and cute. There was one who was laying on a branch in front of a mister and he was falling alseep and trying to get comfortable but he would start falling out of the branch.  It really was very cute!

This orangutan loved KK and R.  He was following them around and touching the glass to them.  For some reason I thought that the orangutan was sad.  His daughter and her mother were in another section of the zoo and I would have to wonder if maybe they should be together or if that was the reason behind his saddness?

After going through the zoo there was a little splash pad for the kids to play in.  Which was good because, did I mention that it was HOT that day!? 

 On the way back to CC's house KK fell right asleep, he was a tired boy.  I made sure that KK was well hydrated with snacks too, but I think I neglected myself because I started getting sick to my I was going to throw up.  I was still sweating, even in the air conditioned car!  I was really sick.  Mr H. was very concerned and told me to drink water and eat something.  Did you know that cold water will hydrate you faster than warm water!?  Yeah, learned that on The Dr's. 

My sister, RR and her husband flew into PHX soon after we came back from the zoo.  I was still so sick that Mr H. told me to rest and he would pick them up.  I'm glad he did because once I saw RR and her husband I was feel much better.  I took a cool shower, I wished that it was colder but in AZ even the cold water comes out's weird!

KK missed his aunt and didn't want to share her with R.  It was a wonderful day!


  1. Jerimiah LOVES the zoo and LOVES the Orangutans! Looks like you had fun. Amazing how much we forget about ourselves though when we're so intent on caring for our kids...huh? Glad you got feeling better quickly though.

  2. You have enjoyed your trip very well. This is the chance using which you can touch with natural environment and live their life.

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  3. This past summer was HOOOOOT here in michigan, too, but I don't think it hit 116*!! Close! But dang! Glad you all had a great time!


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