Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Black Canyon Ward

Since church didn't start until 11 Mr H.'s family wanted to go out for breakfast.  We went to one place and it was jammed packed...they said the wait would be a half hour and after 45 mins, I was getting very hungry and we decided to go to Ihop, since we don't have that here (or at least anywhere close to us).  We were crunched for time since we had waited so long at the other place that once we sat down at Ihop (which wasn't crowded at all!) we ordered food.  KK wanted Mac n Cheese, for some strange reason.  I ordered this omlette and pancake meal and it was so delicious!  Once we scarfed our meals down and took off to church.  We were late for sacrament meeting, but we caught the last two speakers.  One speaker had the same talk as my father had a couple weeks ago about single parents.  It was wonderful to hear.  There is a huge concern for those single parents in the church, I have been there I know how it is and to have the General Authorities talk about it to let the other members of the church that we need love and support too.  It was great. 

KK was a little nervous to go to a new class for primary but I knew that he would be alright once he warmed up to everyone.  Sunday school for Mr H. and I was in the chapel.  He was able to see a lot of his old buddies from church.  His old bishop just came back from a mission with his wife, they were in Nauvoo, Il.  We were so excited to see everyone even though I didn't remember anyone. 

Relief Society was nice and eye opening.  The woman teaching was a little older but looked very healthy and able-bodied, but she spoke about how she needed to put her husband in a nursing home because she couldn't take care of him any more.  She did not go into any detail about it but she would visit him everyday and she didn't think the aids or nurses there really cared about her husband.  Or at least they weren't taking care of him the way that SHE would take care of him.  She felt that "no one cared".  Basically towards the end of the talk she said that's a horrible way of looking at it...because there is someone who cared.  Our Heavenly Father ALWAYS cares about what is going on in our lives and he is NOT a nobody.  And her lesson was EXACTLY what I needed.  When I thought that the temple cancellation was not going to take place, I told the stake president that "no one cared" about me and that I didn't feel that I was part of the flock.  And that was wrong of me to say and think.  I know that Heavenly Father loves and cares about me and I am a part of HIS flock.  It's pretty amazing that it took me 1850 miles away from home to realize that.  It seems simple enough...but sometimes we all need to be inspired in different ways and I was inspired by this lesson and as she was planning and thinking about this lesson she probably didn't know that she was planning this especially for me!  It was great, great service, great lesson, great support from that ward. 

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  1. Sounds like you have a wonderful Sunday! I LOVE those Sunday's when you get JUST what you need.


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