Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Star Students

Today was picture day for KK.  Mr H. needed to get him ready for his big day because I would be at clinical.  I told him to make KK look "handsome", I wanted him to have a nice shirt on and gel in his hair.  KK took his sweet time eating breakfast so Mr H. didn't have time gel his hair but told me that he made him look "handsome".

On the bus, KK was playing around and hit his nose on the window.  He said he was trying to be brave, but cried a little bit.  He began to have a bloody nose and got it all over his shorts.  Luckily, he said he didn't get it all over his shirt. 

He went to the clinic and the nurse helped him to get it stopped.  When he went back to his classroom he was told that he was a "Star Student" and he got to wear a red badge with his name on it.  He was his teacher's special helper and he even got to be the line leader.  He was very proud and happy about it. 

Today was my first day of clinical this semester.  I am currently taking 3 classes and have 2 clinicals.  This is my last didactic semester!  Spring semester I will do my preceptorship and come April 27th I will have my BSN!  I just gotta get through these classes first.  Starting with these clincials.  I am on my high acuity clinical, which means that I am doing a lot more interventions for seriously ill patients.  I am getting a lot of opportunities for experiences I have not been able to have before now.  I was able to do SOOO much today.  I learned so much from the nurses, they are such a wealth of knowledge.  Today was a good clinical day. 

During post conference with our clinical instructor, one of the nurse manager's was in there with us.  Before we got started she asked, "Who had Mrs. ABC?"  I was a little nervous as I rose my hand slowly thinking I did something wrong.  She asked me what my name was and then she told us, as a clinical class, that she is responsible for meeting with each of the patients everyday and asking them about how things are going and if there is anything they can do to make their stay better.  She then told me that Mrs. ABC was very nervous to have a student working with her.  But as the nurse manager sat down with her today Mrs. ABC told her that she was very happy with her care...that I went above and beyond her expectations.  Mrs. ABC told her that I conducted myself in such a way that showed my competency.  The nurse manager thanked me for upholding that standard of care...that I was a great example for all fellow and future student nurses.  I guess you could say that I was a "Star Student" today!  I was so elated and overjoyed to hear that.  First of all, it feel good to be recognized for the work you do.  Secondly, I am grateful for Mrs. ABC letting the nurse manager know about her care.  She could have just said that "everything was good and there was nothing more to be done during her stay".  I just hope that I didn't make my clinical instructor think that I am this really smart student nurse...because I'm not, I just show a great facade.  lol

Tonight when I came home, Mr H. had gone to the store and was grilling dinner.  I know, he loves me!  We ate, we read scriptures, prayed, and KK got ready for bed.  When I put KK to bed, I didn't feel like reading Harry Potter so I asked if he wanted to play.  So we played for a little while then I asked to wiggle his tooth.  He has 3 loose teeth and I'm so EXCITED about it!  I love pulling teeth (sounds crazy huh!?)  I pulled most all of my siblings teeth.  Why, you say, did I pull my siblings teeth!?  Well, it all started when I had a loose tooth at about age 12, it was loose but not LOOSE!  I knew it wasn't ready to come out, but I trusted my mom when she said she was only going to "look and wiggle"  Instead she grabbed that tooth and yanked.  I yelled!  She didn't even get the tooth completely out, it was hanging on barely by my gum.  Mom grabbed it again and yanked it out the rest of the way.  I took a look at he tooth and there was a bloody mess of gum on my tooth.  That tooth wasn't ready to come out and from that day forward, I stopped believing my mom when it came to my teeth...or anyone else's for that matter.  I always questioned her from then on.  So I told my siblings to NEVER go see mom with their loose teeth...come to me, because I would be truthful about it.  And all of my siblings did come to me with their loose teeth and I pulled them suckers out (once they were ripe and ready)!

So when I wiggled it tonight and it felt more loose I told myself that tonight is the night, I WILL pull that tooth out!  I wiggled it and felt a crackling and knew that I was minutes away from pulling that sucker out!  The whole time I would ask if I was hurting him and he said it didn't hurt.  We came into the TV room where Mr H. was and KK at on my lap, I told him that I could pull it out if he wanted.  He was excited about it, then scared, then laughing, then crying.  He was a mess.  I tried pulling it once and it slipped.  KK wanted to wait for tomorrow I told him that I will try one more time and if I don't get it then we will wait for tomorrow. I grabbed the tooth with a tissue and twisted and pulled and it came right out. 

KK looked at the tooth, smiled, and said, "it's not that big!" That's why it's a BABY tooth! I asked him if it hurt, he said no. He looked in the mirror and started to cry about his gum and how it has a hole in it and it was bleeding. I think he was just tired so we went to his room after putting his tooth in a plastic baggy. He had stopped crying once he put his tooth under the pillow. We laid down and KK started crying again saying how much he's going to miss his tooth and he didn't want the tooth fairy to take his tooth...that he didn't want anything bad to happen to his tooth. So I told him I would write a note for the tooth fairy, telling her not to take his tooth.  And she didn't, she also gave him $3 and 3 new games on the Ipad!  He's lucky, I remember only getting a couple of quarters!

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