Saturday, July 14, 2012

This week

So, I've lost misplaced my camera.  I'm not worried about it...I'll find it in a couple weeks after I've misplaced something else.  If you know me, I'm ALWAYS misplacing something...I have a hard time keeping track of things, even if I Just had it in my hands.  I blame it on my speghetti brains, I have about 50 million things I'm thinking of at the same time, like a plate of speghetti, everything is overlapping and I can't ever seem to straighten my thoughts out.  But for now, I will post this without pictures.

We changed church times from 1pm to 9am.  This works out so much better.  I feel like I can get things done after church at noon rather than 4pm.  Last Sunday I took a nap from 6pm to 9am the next day.  Ok, well, it wasn't a nap but I originally laid down for a nap and ended up out cold until the next morning.  I must have needed it badly. 

The rest of the week went by nicely.  I invited a friend and her kids over to swim.  I know her from nursing school.  I invited another friend over to swim next week too.  I enjoy the pool and I've been trying to get out of the anti-social funk.  I'm pretty content with staying at home and doing my own thing, but Mr H. encourages me everyday to hang out with friends.  Well, it's not so much I don't like hanging out with friends, but that I don't like making new ones and I don't like groups.  He is a VERY social person (we're kind of opposites in that aspect).  Not only did invite someone over to swim, but I went to a girls night this week.  And...and...I invited a mom who's family just moved into the ward 2 weeks ago.  That was way out of my comfort zone but I figured that she may want to get to know some of the girls in the ward.  Mr H. was proud of me. 

KK has been doing some fun things.  Here's what I wrote on Facebook this week.  I need to remember to write them in the blog, but it's easier to post something small on there.  I feel that the blog warrents explainations and pictures everytime. 

July 9 -- So I hear a crash and things falling down...I can hear Caleb running into my room. He takes my face in his hands and says, "Don't worry mom, everything is under control! Don't worry ok!?" Ahhh...ok!?

July 13 -- What's this shape? Circle. What's this one? Diamond. And this shape? Square. And this one? Watermelon! That put both of us in a fit of giggles before bedtime. He is so funny.

The Missionaries came by this week while Mr H. was at  work.  It was so hot, I invited them in and got them some water.  We chatted for a bit.  They wanted to talk to us about the Missionary Family Plan.  This plan is developed by us, as a family, to help us find ways be a missionary in our everyday dealings.  So tomorrow our family will be will be making our own Missionary Family Plan. 

We played Volleyball for the first time in almost a year after my injury.  It was fun to get out and play.  Afterwards, though, my ankle hurt the next couple of days.  But I am hoping that eventually my ankle will become stronger and won't hurt as much. 

Well, hopefully I'll find my camera soon.  It's midnight and I should get to bed because church starts at 9am!

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  1. I am so proud of you girl. I am right there with you as the anti-social type, didn't used to be that way. Love your updates.


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