Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you sleeping like a baby?

If so, you probably don't have one.  I don't have a baby either, but I can guarentee that I don't sleep like one.  I value sleep just like everyone else and when I had a baby I thought that there would be sleepless nights for a while...I didn't, however, know that I would STILL have sleepless nights after 5 and a half years! 

KK has ALWAYS had a hard time sleeping through the night.  When he was a baby I just nursed him.  I pulled that bad boy out, laying on my side he would suckle for a couple mins and fall back asleep.  I was usually so tired that I fell back asleep...boob still hanging out and everything.  I weened him at the tender age of 3...that's right folks, KK was still nursing at age 3!  When Mr H. moved out to Ohio September of 2009, I was STILL nursing.  Why for so long, you ask!?  I think at the time there were a lot of things going on in both of our lives and we needed that time together.  Plus, like I said earlier, it was easier to let him suckle for a couple mins than to listen to him cry, especially when I was going through too much in my personal life (separation/divorce, school, and work). 

Anyway, going back to KK having restless nights.  EVERY single night he crawls into bed with us.  Mr H. hardly notices KK even climbed into bed until he starts moving around.  He is the biggest Bed Hog.  He's punches and kickes both of us, although, he prefers to punch and kick Mr H. more.  Not only is he a bed hog, but he has night terrors.  These night terrors make it hard for him to stay asleep all night long.  We usually start the bedtime routine around 7:45pm, bath, brush teeth, lotion, read scriptures, pray, read a book, then sing songs until he is asleep.  He's usually sleeping by 8:30pm.  I check on him before I go to bed around 11pm.  By 2am he is in bed with us.  Saturday night (going into Sunday) when I went to check on him before going to bed, he was having a bloody nose.  We cleaned with all up and he went back to bed, then about 3am he came to bed because he wet himself.  So I had a butt naked boy laying next to me, rolling and crwling all over me.  Last night KK was having a very hard time sleeping, he kept crying every time I walked out of the room (very light sleeper).  Eventually he woke up and came to my room before Mr H. and I even went to bed.  He settled himself into our bed and dozed off.  He said that he had a nightmare about a shark that was trying to get him in the ocean when he was going surfboarding with his whale and dolphin friends.  He kept waking up crying about the night mare.  Mr H. wanted to get a restfull nights sleep and slept in KK's room, it's a good thing he did because KK woke up with leg cramps, crying, and more night mares.  He woke me up at least 5 times with something.  I was so tired that I slept until 11am while he played with the Ipad.

I would like to say this this was an isolated incident, but it's not.  This is how it usually goes.  There are some days where he doesn't have a night terror, but that's once in a blue moon.  It's hard to not have enough sleep at night, or to be woken up every night for THIS long.  This is a picture of KK after he crawled into bed last night. 


  1. We have had difficult issues with sleep at our house, but no night terrors. That sounds awful for him and you guys! :(

  2. I realize I am not a mother, but I'm wondering if you should check with his Pediatritian. There has to be something that is causing these dreams, the wetting of the bed... The nose bleeds I got a LOT as a kid - those suck...especially waking up with one....eww. O_o You both could do with a good night's sleep and since you can't leave him neither of you will until it gets resolved. I really hope it's something he will grow out of. Night Terrors are horrible. :(


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